BBC Scotland’s The Nine allows Young Conservative accused of anti-Semitism to promote racist ideas

For BBC Scotland, allowing political extremists airtime with their affiliations undisclosed is becoming the New Normal.

On Question Time we’ve had a Brexit candidate and a Tory treasurer suspended after joking about Nicola Sturgeon’s miscarriage, appear repeatedly and allowed to shout abuse at the SNP panellists. On Good Morning Scotland and Call Kaye, we hear councillors, activists and other members of the opposition parties and even representatives of the anti-democratic covert media group based in Scotland in Union, appear to attack the SNP or the FM personally, but presented as ordinary members of the public.

Now, on The Nine we have a young man allowed to make a passionate plea for Scots born in Scotland but living in England to be able to vote in the next referendum, in the hope that they may stem the swelling tide of support for Yes.

In addition to this being a form of blood nationalism rejected by most in the UK, James Bundy is not as he appears.

Not only was Bundy the Tory youth wing chairman in 2018, he was also accused of anti-Semitism.

Though his use of the term Cultural Marxism to attack a BBC TV programme about gender stereotyping may not have offended many Courier readers, MSP Ross Greer and, no doubt, other students, knew what it meant, as of course did Bundy.

Cultural Marxism was a conspiracy theory developed in Nazi Germany to demonise Jews, and is a term consistently used by far-right groups such as the BNP. Norwegian far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik also used the term over a hundred times in his “manifesto” before committing the Utoya Island massacre and Oslo bombing in July 2011.

Then leader, Ruth Davidson, was less than strict and just asked Bundy to delete the tweet.

Bundy, below, has made a bit of an attempt to look different since then.

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13 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s The Nine allows Young Conservative accused of anti-Semitism to promote racist ideas”

  1. Is it a accident that this fellow
    Not only shares the same surname
    But the same physcoloigcal profile
    As a infamous mass murderer from USA
    Ted Bundy
    Send the fellow for tests as a matter of urgency
    The least you will discover that indeed this fellow has a good few traits at the very least
    With Adolf
    If not tested ASAP
    Then Rooth the Mooth is actively having him measured for a gleaming new shiny new leather boots but not for marching but
    Solely for kicking


    1. gavinochiltree

      May i suggest the demolition of the ABC
      commences forthwith and start at the foundations of any organisation
      Do not pay the licence fee and if enough do so then their fall along with that of the
      Their precioussssssss is certain
      Given the magnitude of their sins against us under no circumstances can they be allowed to survive Indy
      The baby is as filthy as the bath waters
      They inhabit
      Away wi them


  2. The only people who should be allowed to vote in an Indyref are the people who will have to live with the consequences of the vote. That means people who are permanently resident in Scotland and should exclude second-home owners unless they can prove they consistently spend more than 50% of the year in Scotland. Gove’s latest wheeze of trying to extend the vote to all people who were born in Scotland is ludicrous and insupportable. I know people in their 70s & 80s around the world who were born here and emigrated as children with their parents , have rarely visited Scotland in the interim and think Scotland is still like the land of the 1950s/60s. By what logic or natural justice should they have an influence on the outcome?

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    1. My daughter’s currently working in London because there aren’t enough jobs in her field in Scotland. She was looking before Covid and it’s got worse since then, of course. She’d move back in a heartbeat. She’s desperate to move back to civilisation.

      Thing is that, passionate as she is to see Scotland independent, she does NOT think that she should have a vote in IndyRef2. She also believes the vote should only be given to those who are going to have to live with the consequences. As she says, how would you apply the rule only to people who do want to be resident even though they’re not currently?

      On the upside, if they’re trying to rig the vote, it must mean that they’re worried they’re not going to be able to stop one for much longer. Surely?


  3. Of course we know that these people want a vote in order to try to deny Scotland regaining independence to escape the utterly dysfunctional so called union. The UK is not equal, Scotland, Wales and NI can all be outvoted on matters which affect their people greatly. Scotland is not and never has been ‘at the heart of the UK’, it’s been an appendage, a slave, worthy only of being tolerated in order that her massive riches, ie resources and revenues, can be removed by Westminster, and a few crumbs thrown back with utter contempt.

    The Britnat’s view Scotland as a possession, not anywhere near the er ‘heart of the UK’. This guy uses emotive language, again the BritNats are faking ‘love’ when really they have nothing but contempt for Scotlabd, especially now that the party of choice in Scotland, the SNP, does not dance to their tune in shafting their own people.

    Little far right wing jobsworths in London better realise that after the people in Scotland do vote for independence, they will be voiceless in Scotland.

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  4. Looking at thise two photos it really look like two different people. It’s amazing what a makeover can do. Indicative of the unionists’ fake persona, and faux characters. Good actors, well, maybe not always!

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  5. I’d commented previously on a radio clip from GMS “written by Tories, presented by Tories, and to be commented on by Tories…”, that is equally true across almost all of Pacific Quay’s output, a megaphone for 20% of the electorate to consistently tell 55% they’re got it wrong.
    This Gove gambit to upset the status quo is being given oxygen due to demands within Scotland from where ?
    As eloquently stated by @gavinochiltree , “Journalism is one of the most important elements of a functioning democracy. In Scotland, we have virtually none”, yet another imposition of Union long overdue redress.


  6. On the rare occasions I’ve watched The Nine, this young man has been the go-to Tory on any panel discussion. Surprisingly, he has usually been the lone right-wing voice, with not very much to say.
    I was interested to hear him say he lives and works in London, and wondered if it was a recent move, and if perhaps he had answered Cummings’ ad for nerds and weirdos.

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  7. Woah there son, why should you get a vote on Indyref if 1.2 million of us living in Europe were unable to vote on Brexit?
    Oh, yes, because he’s an entitled Tory and therefore the rules should be different for him. Sorry, I forgot.

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    1. Andy in Germany
      As far as I am concerned there is only 1 set of rules for him and his type
      And that is

      Face west
      About turn left
      March south for 500 mls
      Stay await further orders


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