Boris triumphant as England eliminates Coronavirus ahead of Scotland

The BBC has a royal charter requiring it to inform the people. Judging by the above, the people of England can relax about Coronavirus. The PM’s optimism has wiped it out.

In sharp contrast below, BBC Scotland is keeping the people of Scotland on the alert with TEN reports on the pandemic. I have relatives in England. Time for a holiday with an overnight stop in Birmingham?

Wait, what’s this?

938 new cases in England alone on a Monday? No way. There must be something wrong. Look a the BBC reporting. We can trust the Beeb!

4 deaths (63 in the last week) and none in Scotland? Now you’re being silly.

Perhaps singing Rule Britannia kills the virus?

4 thoughts on “Boris triumphant as England eliminates Coronavirus ahead of Scotland”

  1. The ”news” programs ( ITN and BBC and Ch4 etc..) have corona updates each evening stating the numbers of deaths and number of new cases – they NEVER state that almost ALL the deaths and almost ALL the new cases are from England .

    How is this informing the public ? I wager that few in England will be aware of the lack of deaths/cases in Scotland .
    It is clear WHY this news is being concealed .

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  2. Scotland’s government have done so bloody well against huge odds. Let’s not forget the PPE sanctions on Scotland by the EngGov, the ‘four nations’ or else (and we know best know your place Scotland) at the beginning.

    Right now seems to be a crucial time to er, stay ‘alert’ and not let down our guard. Edinburgh is very busy, we surmise probably due to many who had prebooked for the festival, who are not cancelling because they don’t have to. I eves dropped a convo in the street today, did I hear correct that ‘Ryan air have stopped flights to Edinburgh’?
    So taking nothing for granted, anyone being blaze about Covid19 right now is just an idiot.

    The BritNat government in London are a disgrace, on every level.
    Bit late but we had the horror of hearing and seeing the one stupid Brit airforce jet fly over our capital city today, trailing the butchers apron colours behind it. I am sure they could not hear us using a few less than complimentary words or see our gestures from the allotments! My neighbour was livid. What an absolute waste of money, which could have helped those really struggling due to Covid. Grr.

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