Coronavirus Update:Who is Tim and who is he to us?

On the BBC News at one, but not in the Reporting Scotland episode just after it, Tim!

Tim who? I dunno? They didn’t say.

He said:

With no hard evidence from the Government what we’ve found or what we are facing is simply a political decision and not a scientific one.

and promptly disappeared.

What? Eh? Who is Tim?

Why is he up a Munro? Is he some kind of social distancing extremist? Did Brian Taylor have to get up there?

What group is he affiliated to? What is his point?

He can take his mask off while Munro-bagging, I think. Did Nicola cover that?

Is he agin masks anywhere? If so why?

No doubt he’ll be recognised and tweeted about. Maybe then we’ll get a clue as to why BBC News thought he was worth including.

Updates on Tim to be posted here.


12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update:Who is Tim and who is he to us?”

  1. His identity will need to be protected—the Sun has bought his sorry tale!

    He has to watch out for snipers!

    His name, rank and gender are false–to protect the innocent.

    He only booked his holiday cottage for three days, but told the world a pesky SNP crofter forced him, his wuman, his wean, 10 staffers, a chef, a juggler, a personal trainer, and security force of 20 SAS to leave.
    “Like WW3 said Boris, I fought them on the sheep pasture. I fought them at the fence. I fought them at the croft. When I could fight no more, a fleet of small luxury jets whisked us back to Blighty”. “Thank Gawd we survived”!

    There are ten billion bloodsucking midge stories in the Tory run BBC. This has been one of them!

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    1. Ha ha! He will be having nightmares about Applecross for months to come, and PTSD no doubt! Still at least he knows how the people in Scotland that he calls ‘vermin’ live now eh. Maybe his English ‘pound’ was rejected in the local shop, not legal tender sorry mate!

      Yes, who is Tim? Why hide his real identity? Is Scotland and the ‘highland’s’ that dangerous now? Gowd.
      Someone in the ‘highland’s’ said er, something? We know not what or why.

      It’s a mystery! Where is Miss Marple these days!


      1. A contrary hack then, whose headlines are so cryptic you have to know Hamlet. Dr. John and Neil Young, all. And god knows what i am missing.
        My request is for Incredible String Band?
        I have managed to shoehorn the The half Remarkable Question and The Other One into e-mails and my blog.


  2. The Le Grand Bleu, the Russian oil tycoon Eugene Shvidler’s super yacht, weighed anchor from the Scotland’s East coast and set sail for the Thames. I’m sure it was pure coincidence that a lift South was needed at the same time by a bairn, a dog, a yet to marry couple!
    Some people in these parts take a dim view of such elicit cavortings, viewed worse than midges.
    The hasty departure also coincided with an upswelling of hungry midge numbers here, always is the case when damp weather threatens.
    Puir wee things know a long winter is imminent and need to stock up and don’t care what colour of blood the container thinks it is.


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