Huge? Seventeen? You call that huge?

Across Scotland, as around 700 000 pupils return to school along with tens of thousands of staff, the number of teachers and students, infected IN schools, across the country has soared to a comparative handful – 30?

There are 5.4 million people in Scotland and less than 10 schools, to my knowledge, have reported cases in, or more often just linked to, them.

There are 3.5 million people in Berlin and 41 schools have reported cases.

Now that’s what I call ‘huge.’

4 thoughts on “Huge? Seventeen? You call that huge?”

  1. The only thing that is huge with regards these matters pertaining to ABC & MSM
    is most certainly Not the grey matter within their cranium
    But one of their over inflated ego of grave
    And self importance as the their Master in the Dark Ops dept.of the British State
    Monitor their obvious and puerile efforts
    In attempting to throw and spin curved balls at all of us
    But the Bat of actual real scientific facts
    Merely awaits the ball only to hit it out the ground and for 6 every time
    Continuation by them of such stupid actions merely confirms
    They know the game is lost and almost over now
    And confirmation that indeed they are truly MAD
    as a sure fire symptom of such madness
    Is to keep repeating what has so obviously
    Proven to be wrong
    Time for the Nurses to empty the straight
    Jacket store

    In some of the more afflicted cases a needle may be required

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  2. There have been two cases linked to two cases at two other schools in Dundee.

    Peripatetic teachers perhaps? A bit like agency staff in care homes perhaps?

    Are schools and Councils alive to the possibility of spread via peripatetic teachers?


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