In an oh-so-cheap attempt to win readers, the Herald has 4 reports on the case of a man found innocent in a Scottish court, the story already warped by Warkism, for which he may sue.

I feel sure the arch-paedophile and Liberal MP, Cyril Smith, suffered less media-abuse. As for those monsters Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris, did the Herald manage 4 different stories in one day on them? I doubt it.

McKay’s piece opens with a fine piece of in-the-media-bubble hypocrisy:

THe retrial of Alex Salmond is gathering pace. The Kirsty Wark documentary for BBC was, let’s say opportunistically, tied to the opening of the Holyrood inquiry into the Holyrood inquiry, as was Dani Garavelli’s one, on BBC Radio 4 which looked at the civil war in the SNP over the outcome of the trial. There’s nothing wrong with tagging a piece to an upcoming news event – I know both of the women involved and respect them and this isn’t a judgement on the respective programmes, but it is on the way the Scottish Government, and Nicola Sturgeon, have handled this avoidable imbroglio. All it is doing is to confirm for the conspiracy theorists is that there was a conspiracy.

Barely acknowledging the dirty exploitative wark by Wark and Garevelli, he then gives them a wee verbal cuddle and, astonishingly blames the Scottish Government for their trash journalism:

Aaaaah, we wouldn’t be making up fibs about Alex Salmond if you hadn’t given us the opportunity. We can’t help ourselves and we shouldn’t have to. It’s a free world. We’re performing a public duty here to inform the people. They need to know about him getting pissed.