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Public Health Forfar
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With 99.7% of contacts made in community outbreaks in Scotland, Public Health Scotland‘s teams have contacted 98.14% of all tourists who should have isolated after visiting high risk countries.

With only 4 cases in Aberdeen and only 1 in the surrounding county on Friday, the pub crawl spike by immature males is under control. With only 6 in Glasgow an other 6 in nearby Coatbridge, the teenage house party (an ’empty?’) spike will be soon closed down.

Remember the Dumfries and Motherwell spikes? Shut down in days.

The Coupar Angus outbreak, big but simple, is next. The teams (above) are all over it. I give it a week at most.

You have to say, because your Nomedia are certainly not saying it for you:

This is a damned fine show chaps, chapesses!

We must thinking of retiring our Leadership Correspondent, Wing Commander (Rtd) Blinky ‘Rear-gunner’ Thompson.

Before we go, a bit of context:
Ghostbusters (2016) Love this movie! | Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters ...