BBC Scotland had the above and The Sun splashed this headline:

SPREADING  Coronavirus Scotland: Huge spike in Scots coronavirus cases with 123 more overnight – including 78 in area of cluster

At first, you might think Scotland has reason to worry in the way they undoubtedly do in Spain, many other parts of Europe and in several English cities, where there is a significant surge in community infection.

That’s the key point. The surge in cases in Scotland is a predictable consequence of the outbreak in a single food factory2 Sisters in Coupar Angus.

It is not a surge in community infection and will not be once contact tracer teams can contain it.

Contact tracers are at work now and we have every reason to expect they will achieve the same result as they have already achieved in Aberdeen.

Look at the number of new cases today:

Community infection across the country is very low with only the Tayside cluster and the much smaller Glasgow/Coatbridge cluster (12 today), caused by a house party, standing out. Looking at the figures over the last 7 days and comparing them with those above for today, you can see how quickly the Aberdeen and the Glasgow/Coatbridge clusters have been contained:

Looking at the graph below showing the trend, you can see that once the Aberdeen, Tayside and Glasgow/Coatbridge outbreaks are removed the background community infection level would fall dramatically

Don’t panic.