McColm opens with unsubstantiated claims of the SNP telling the electorate that a vote for them was a ‘vote for something better, for a more decent, honourable politics.

Two things.

First, I don’t remember anything like that and he gives us no quotes with dates.

Second, does he really believe that the electorate in Scotland is so gullable as to have believed that if it had been said?

Then he tries to tell us that SNP MSP’s don’t like it if you point out that ‘truth’ to them. Oooh tough guy! I suppose if you don’t have any evidence, they wouldn’t?

Further, thinking back to the history of the other parties, it occurs to me that, actually, the SNP, has been so much better.

All he has on them is the admittedly disturbing treatment of the former First Minister but that pales into insignificance compared to the others.

On the Labour Party’s list of offences, you have a PM lying to his people about an illegal war, complicity in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the Arab world, the convenient death of a scientific adviser, the transfer of mass wealth from the people to the banks, the retention of nuclear weapons, the burden of PFI payments and the embrace of the House of Lords.

The Conservatives and the Lib Dems have been complicit in or have repeated many of the same sins and added in leader-assassination and a plethora of sexual offences against women and children.

If McColm is talking of supposed policy failures in health and education, these links should do: