Under a strangely cropped shot of the Justice Minister, the Scotsman tells us that:

When you look a the data, put together by ComRes for Free to Disagree, after a lot of questions not specifically about the bill you find this big one:

Q3_1. For a criminal offence to be committed, there must be a proven intention to stir up hatred: The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament in April 2020. It includes new offences criminalising ‘stirring up hatred’ against people on the basis of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or variations in sex characteristics. The offences carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years. Supporters of the new offences say that ‘stirring up of hatred can contribute to a social atmosphere in which discrimination is accepted as normal’ and that they will ‘offer greater protection for those who experience’ such behaviour. Opponents of the new offences say that ‘introducing new crimes in which it is impossible to draw a firm distinction between causing offence and stirring up hatred is a recipe for bad and dangerous law’. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?


Apparently 69% agreed and 9% disagreed.

So you have to read that enormous question and then agree or disagree along a continuum from ‘Strongly agree‘ to ‘Strongly disagree.‘ See any problems?

Which bit are we agreeing with or disagreeing with? Can we agree with both? Does the 69% include those who both agree with the bill and those who disagree with it?

Am I missing something here?

Is this the biggest and the worst questionnaire question ever?