It is muddled thinking – I'm not sure what the government is ...
Channel 4

Update: ‘is‘ replaced by a ‘has been‘.

I hope Murdo Fraser and Brian Wilson didn’t see this. There’s only so much they can take from Professor Sridhar’s positive outlook on developments in Covid-19 Scotland.

On Channel 4 News again tonight, Professor Sridhar was asked how things are in Scottish schools after one week back and said:

The first thing to say is that its overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is really happy that kids are back and it felt like the right moment to return in August. At the same, time, I mean, it has been bumpy, cases have emerged.

You can hear Fraser and Wilson now, spluttering with rage: Overwhelmingly positive?! Bumpy?!

Before you can count to ten they’ll be tweeting angrily and making wild accusations about Sridhar’s motivations and funding.