Updated: Coronavirus Scotland: Expert says return to schools has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’

It is muddled thinking – I'm not sure what the government is ...
Channel 4

Update: ‘is‘ replaced by a ‘has been‘.

I hope Murdo Fraser and Brian Wilson didn’t see this. There’s only so much they can take from Professor Sridhar’s positive outlook on developments in Covid-19 Scotland.

On Channel 4 News again tonight, Professor Sridhar was asked how things are in Scottish schools after one week back and said:

The first thing to say is that its overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is really happy that kids are back and it felt like the right moment to return in August. At the same, time, I mean, it has been bumpy, cases have emerged.

You can hear Fraser and Wilson now, spluttering with rage: Overwhelmingly positive?! Bumpy?!

Before you can count to ten they’ll be tweeting angrily and making wild accusations about Sridhar’s motivations and funding.

7 thoughts on “Updated: Coronavirus Scotland: Expert says return to schools has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’”

  1. Re.Prof.Sirhdar
    Whom i consider to be a most excellent communicator who has that very rare ability to convey what amounts to somewhat complex scientific information
    In a manner that becomes immediately
    Understandable to any who are not familiar or expert on the subject matter
    And as such it is indeed most fortunate for any students who are informed and taught by her
    However I note that she is now off the Radar of the ABC &MSM (exc.CH.4)
    No need to wonder why
    As we know all too well those cretinous
    Media personnel only desire to
    Keep the Plebs ignorant
    Whiist their Mad Masters keep us Down
    Very much as both parties concerned
    A symbiotic relationship whereby both
    Insidious parties benefit and entirely at
    A most heavy cost to all in a civilised society
    Mankind must learn to be rid of such fools
    For once and all
    Otherwise as the impending consequential amplification effects of climate change befall everyone then tis too late
    As long as any in MSM are up for sale to the vested interests then Humanity is under the most direst of threats and all
    For a few $ more
    Never ever shall there be there be enough for any one persons greed
    But always enough for every persons Needs
    It is not only as serious as that but the solution so simple
    Cast them into the pits of hell from whenst they came
    Politeness is a useless tool here
    A expression of FURY is urgently required

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  2. Off piste.
    A new grouping (groping?) has been set up.
    Scottish Business UK, which comprises such active business people like wee Brian Wilson, Iain McMillan and Tory Peer Baroness Mobarik. They have met up with Gordo Broon, Saviour of the Universe, to discuss how to disenfranchise Scots.

    If they didnt pretend to be business people then it would be Scottish UK or SUK. And suck it does”

    How to start? First have Boris hide out in Scotland for a couple of days, then bring him home, feart o’ they bastart Jocks (Boris was all alone with watzername, the wean and 19 staff, flunkies and bodyguards). Blame Ian Blackford for spotting Boris from his crofting Chateau in Skye, and grassing him in to the Indy-supporting Daily Hail!

    Sadly for the “Bastart Jock” narrative, Boris is in more danger from SNIPING in the Toadie press than snipers in Applecross.

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    1. I’d have been more scared about his own snipers being around than anything if I lived at Applecross. Great comment, so, SbUK, lol. ‘Scottish business’, is Scotland’s business, well it would be if the BritNat government were not siphoning away all the oil cash, etc (£trillions) and taking Scotland’s very healthy revenues and sending a few crumbs back. Be grateful you sweaty jocks! What more do they want!

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  3. The BritNats are not too happy about professor Srindhar’s expertise and work in advising the Scottish government at all are they. I think most (sadly not all) people have the measure of things in Scotland now and know that the UK, English government are not to be trusted, it’s even a matter of life and death.

    Where would Scotland be now, if there was a party akin to the Tories/red Tories at the helm at Holyrood, it’s actually unthinkable at this time.

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  4. Don’t forget Willie Rennie who said this about her.

    He said: “It’s news to me that people from England and Wales were responsible for the outbreaks we’ve seen in Aberdeen, Orkney, Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

    “It is unhelpful for Professor Sridhar to be feeding a divisive nationalist narrative without scientific evidence to back it up.’


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