In the Herald today:

SCOTLAND’S top trade union boss has opened up about her experience of sexual harassment in the workplace as she raised concerns over the damaging fallout of the Alex Salmond case. Rozanne Foyer, the first female general secretary of the Scottish Trades Unions Congress (STUC), said the reaction to the former first minister’s trial “speaks volumes about where we are, culturally, with regards to women’s rights”.

Let me be absolutely clear. Sexual harassment in the workplace should be condemned. I’ve witnessed predatory behaviour by a few powerful males and one or two powerful females in Higher Education.

As a young man in a 1970s office environment, I experienced it myself from one predatory gay male and, on a daily basis, had inappropriate comments and pinches from older female staff.

I don’t question the impact of Foyer’s experiences but I do question the sudden willingness to use them to join in the acquitted Alex Salmond pile-on. Her ‘opening-up’ in the Herald comes suspiciously in the wake of the appalling interventions by Wark and Garavelli and thus does her no credit.

Foyer’s Labour membership is mentioned quietly down the page but not reflected upon:

In the Scottish Left Review in 2018, we see:

The Chair Kevin Lindsay, is the Scottish Organiser of ASLEF, and he along with John McDonnell MP, Rozanne Foyer of Unite and myself are all closely associated with the Labour Party.

In the Daily Record last February:

Now she’s about to unleash her charm on the public when she becomes the general secretary of the STUC. This was once a huge role in Scotland, as the spokesperson for all the country’s mighty unions and a key voice in a Labour-dominated nation.

Poor judgement or worse.