Scottish contact tracing has higher success rate and is ‘personal and more effective’

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In the wake of Professor Bauld’s call for more data, sources working in NHS Scotland have given us a foresight of the report due at the end of this month.

Most important, the Scottish system always involves a personal call from a trained professional, not just a text as in England, telling you to self-isolate, taking questions from sometimes anxious people and advising them on how to do it. One source described this as ‘personal and more effective.’

Though unable to give actual figures, the sources told us that the Scottish system has a higher success rate in contacting those who have been in the company of a known positive case.

One of the sources plans to contact various parts of Scotland’s MSM to encourage them to report this story. Scotland in Union is expected to accuse them of being anti-democratic.

3 thoughts on “Scottish contact tracing has higher success rate and is ‘personal and more effective’

  1. Any act of vital collection of data concerning this terrible virus must at all times be done with haste but more importantly not for profit or private devious gain
    But by properly selected,recruited, fully trained persons who are naturally good communicators who shall always go about their duties in a compassionate and respectful manner
    If so then and only then can a effective level of fit for purpose fully functional system of viral suppression be achieved
    Anything other than such is doomed to abject failure
    Once more this is not rocket science but one of common sense and basic human decency
    But alas the expensive private education of our colonial masters know nowt of which i speak but only of matters of personal gain for oneself at the expense of all
    If your sights are trained upon the wrong target then you are most certainly going to miss and in the case of Westminster they are using a clapped out old colonial gun that will backfire upon the face of whose fingers are poised upon the trigger


  2. The UK government’s track, trace and isolate is falling at the first hurdle. The system manages to contact only 53% of the contacts identified by an infected person. Somehow, it fails at times to identify all the contacts within a single household.

    As a result of this failure to be effective, local Councils are implementing their own locally led “track, trace,isolate” schemes.

    The Psychopathic Tendency (PT) in the UK government will not permit the scrapping of the current scheme though Independent SAGE has urged it to do so.


  3. I would treat any figures from England with a bucket of salt, so much has been “smudged” by political chicanery the truth is nowhere near so clear as it had been previously or should have been, numeric comparisons are a fool’s game. Expanding the existing system was the logical way to go, Cummings and the Tories followed the money.
    The reinvention of the wheel by #10 in terms of test and trace left established professionals in the field horrified, localities are now having to play catchup with “roll your own” so they can get a grip on things rather than being constantly blindsided by government.
    I refuse to believe this is a glitch rather than a deliberate strategy by Cummings et al, there are too many “accidents” and “oopsies”.
    Andy Burnham is probably the most frustrated but vocal mayor in all of England, and one of the few who can’t be leaned on to cease and desist.
    Forget comparisons, the Scottish system is working. and although Bauld’s desire for more up-to-data is understandable, how Pacific Quay are portraying this is equally understandable – Bauld wants to know how it’s working out, the BBC want failure and conspiracy front and centre.


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