In the Herald this morning, echoing what I heard last night, from Tom Gordon:

CONTACT tracing for the coronavirus in Scotland is reaching more people than the equivalent system in England, Scottish Government sources have said.

Six days earlier, Gordon’s colleague, Martin Williams was worrying himself sick with the lack of data:

Sources tell me that sources have contacted all of Scotland’s MSM to tell them what they told TG but it seems none are interested.

After around 1 000 reports in the last 6 years defending NHS Scotland against all comers, the Tusker and it’s parent, Thought Control Scotland before it, has gathered uncounted NHS employees among it’s 10 000 a day site visitors and 4 700 twitter-followers. Without exception too professional to leak much in our direction they do sometimes feed us generalised unattributable rebuttals.

As a long-retired research ethics convener, I am now quite ready to accept and to report unfounded rumours to fight back against other unfounded rumours of the kind we see daily on BBC Scotland and in the Herald.