From NHS Lanarkshire yesterday:

Gabe Docherty, NHS Lanarkshire director of public health, said: “A positive COVID-19 confirmed case has been identified in a pupil at St Ambrose High School in Coatbridge. The pupil tested positive this morning (13 August), after displaying mild symptoms since 11 August, but they have not attended school at all.”

The St Ambrose child did not attend at all. None at Bannerman High attended at all. Two others at St Andrews attended briefly.

Despite this BBC Scotland repeatedly referred to the pupils in opening sentences as being ‘at‘ or ‘from‘ these schools.

Astonishingly, NHS Lanarkshire themselves have not helped with announcements using the same language.

We’re in the early days of a difficult step in the exit from lock-down and our media should be helping us to make that step with accurate and informative reporting but they, all of them, are shrieking scare stories at us like adolescent school newspaper writers.

We’ve already seen the First Minister and Professor Sridhar express disappointment in the coverage of these cases at the this difficult time for everyone. For the public service broadcaster to be engaging in this kind of behaviour is shameful.