Like many of you, I wondered why on earth the Scottish Transport Secretary was prepared to be interviewed aggressively when the minister responsible, Grant Shapps, was allowed to just spout some vague generalities out in a field.

While the opportunities were not perhaps ‘ample’, Matheson certainly could have reminded Cook that the rail infrastructure, its funding, maintenance, inspection and any relevant ministerial report reading are reserved matters and then he might have suggested he keep his shouted interruptions for the man responsible.

Here’s the point. He shouldn’t have to. While many social media commentators did not at first realise that the rail infrastructure is reserved to Westminster, Cook surely did, so why was he shouting at Matheson as if he didn’t? I can think of no favourable explanation.

As for the notion that Matheson should have read, in the hours between the event and his visit, reports written explicitly for the UK Department of Transport, which may or may not have been forwarded to him, is absurd.

Does Cook feel that the role of Scottish Transport Secretary is not demanding enough on its own and requires additional reading?

Does Cook feel that his own personal importance required Matheson to prepare more thoroughly, thinking he better be ready to answer questions on behalf of his Imperial Master, Shapps, who had to fly back south, quickly to continue his pretended self-quarantining?