One too many James Cooks made me loose my marbles?

James Cook - BBC Scotland Correspondent - YouTube

I understand James Cook has responded to my criticism of his interview with the Scottish Transport Secretary on the Stonehaven rail crash.

He has me blocked so I can’t see it.

It’s interesting that he has replied. Few at PQ do. That he does so reinforces my and Chomsky’s reasoning that he does not not fully grasp his own inner mental processes and is so deeply embedded in an establishment/elite culture or bubble that he thinks and behaves instinctively in ways which lead automatically to anti-SNP/SG bias.

He has responded before to me. In 2015 he suggested that I and any who agreed with me, had lost our marbles, if we disagreed with him.

When he was appointed Chief News Correspondent for Scottish Nine in August 2018, I wrote to the director to question his suitability for the post:

Donalda was not impressed by my reasoning.

8 thoughts on “One too many James Cooks made me loose my marbles?”

  1. John
    Me thinks he is the MI5 plant within the
    Know thy Foe
    Tis the only possible logical conclusion one can possibly and reasonably reach

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    1. He is too obvious for that…or, is he lol! Looked up on twitter, only account seems to go back to 2014, not new…different guise?
      Noo where are my damn marbles lol!


  2. Mr Cook is merely proving he can read between the propaganda lines John. Blocking you makes sense as it follows the BBC mantra of captive audiences with no dissenting voices, what used to be known as a stitch-up, or Question Time as it became known in more more recent times.
    I disagree with the notion every professional propagandist is connected to MI5, there are many higher payers, Murdoch et al have been at this for years although I’ve no doubt MI5 know who the actors are. Cummings and his fellow twister are Contractors, highest pay wins, the client clears up the carnage.
    Now who would spring for a pair of anti-Salmond documentaries from Pacific Quay to coincide with the Inquiry, push the media to harass SG throughout a pandemic and champion a hard Brexit ? Would they happen to own a large Scots acreage ?

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    1. “Now who would spring for a pair of anti Salmond docus. . . . . Harass Scot Gov. . . Champion a Hard Brexit . . . And own a large acerage in Scotland?” UK Gov ticks all these boxes


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