Common Weal: The single greatest failure of the independence movement?

In the Herald today:

NEW concerns about the pace of improvement on coronavirus infection in Scotland’s care homes has emerged after a series of failures led to a death toll in Scotland’s care homes that amounts to “the single greatest failure of devolved government“. That is the analysis of leading care expert Nick Kempe who claims that since their previous inspection, as many care homes have deteriorated as have improved and that generally standards of infection control remain “worryingly low”.

This is a repeat. Kempe, an acolyte of the Common Weal sect led by the huffiest messiah since those we laughed at in Life of Brian, tried months ago to blame the wave of death which rushed through Scottish care homes in March and April on inaction by the Scottish Government and came up with that stupidly hyperbolic line to keep in with the ‘house style’.

For the umpteenth time, the care home deaths are down to the delayed UK lock-down during the 4 Nations approach, the flawed herd immunity-based advice from SAGE, the corporate greed of care home owners paying poverty wages to insecure staff and, most important, the reliance on agency staff super-spreading the virus.

As for low infection control standards, I read many inspectorate reports of homes across the UK, from 2019 until April 2020 and found very few with any reference to problems with infection control, in the Scottish ones.

Finally, Kempe claims there is not enough data to show how homes are doing after five months. How about this?

So, 2 care home deaths in total over the last 7 days compared to 341 in the last week of April? Does that seem like they’re doing any better? No?

Or how about this? Number of confirmed positive cases in all scottish care homes as of 5th August 2020 – NONE.

Am I missing something?

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