Glenn Campbell twists truth about the confidence in Swinney

BBC Scotland’s Glenn Campbell is well-named. Campbell means ‘crooked mouth‘ so having him as BBC chief political correspondent is a bit like having a Mr Christian as your local Church of Scotland minister. It fits, too well sadly.

Last night, he wrote and no doubt repeated:

The Greens (who have an affinity with the SNP over independence) demanded a high price for their support – a dramatic and complete U-turn on exam results from the Scottish government. Mr Swinney acceded to all their demands by cancelling 125,000 downgrades, allowing upgraded students to keep their awards, ordering an independent review into the debacle and promising a wider look at the best way to assess pupil performance.

It’s not true. The Greens’ Ross Greer did tweet to claim that they had forced the U-turn all by themselves but this claim was quickly withdrawn and followed with a clarification that the Greens had offered proposals comparable to those requested by other groups including the protesting students, trade unions and parent groups.

There is no suggestion that a deal was offered to save Swinney.

What seems much more plausible is that the First Minister realised that what the SQA had done may have been scientifically credible but that it was insensitive to the wider popular sensibilities of the time.

8 thoughts on “Glenn Campbell twists truth about the confidence in Swinney”

  1. BBC reporter inadvertently spins an SNP baaaad line when reporting good news for thousands of school students .
    This will surely be corrected by Reporting Shortbread , Good Moaning Scotland or one of the many Labour Party relatives who bleat for the Scottish BBC .

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  2. Glenn Campbell would fall foul of the proposed new UK Government Espionage Act.

    It will apparently address the issue of “individuals acting on behalf of a foreign power and seeking to obfuscate the link”.

    Just another of BritNat Broadcastings (or ABCs) Lord Hee Haws.

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  3. I’m a Scottish Green. There, I’ve said it. I like Green principles and I am impressed by Patrick Harvie and Andy Wightman. But I despair every time one of the other Green MSPs gets up to speak in Holyrood. Their political naivety is shocking.  Last week I wrote to Drew Greer about some of the statements he’d made about the school exam results. I’m still waiting for an answer. I wasn’t happy and I’m still not. I pointed out to him the company he was keeping: Jacqui Baillie, Ian Gray, Lord McConnell, and all those Tories just waiting for a split in the pro-independence ranks so they could put the boot in.  I’ve said before I

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  4. Glenn “We seek him here, we seek him there” Campbell has a long history of generating idiotic commentary on matters SNP or independence, it would appear to be his sole function in ABC.
    He really should consider writing fairy stories for under 5s full time.

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  5. I think there is a discernible chain here from the day after knifing of MrJackson Carlaw, which indicates it had been planned as part of an offensive strategy to attack the SG with greater vigour and I think BBC Scotland News andCurrent Affairs is part of that.

    Following Mr Carlaw’s demise there was a discussion on Good Morning Scotland in which ‘attack lines’ were discussed, with the presenter, Ms Fraser actually specifying ‘education and heath’.

    There were signs prior to the release of the SQA results of what the form of the attack would be.

    The defenestration of Jackson Carlaw , followed shortly after the appointment of Mr Isaac Levido to the Scottish Tories’ backroom staff. He is an Australian campaign organiser and colleague of Mr Dominic Cummings and works from the same ‘manual’ of nasty tricks. He has a couple of young New Zealand IT ‘message shapers’. They target social media messages at specific groups, whose views they deem as potentially changeable – e.g people swithering about switching rom NO to YES – and as they arrogantly claim, “make up their minds for them”.

    Today, to divert attention from the A Level results in England, derived by a similar process as SQA’s, the attacks are on test and trace, based on a selective, decontextualised quote from Professor Linda Bauld and the derailment near Stonehaven. The Tory MSP on the programme said that the SG always uses ‘blaming Westminster to divert attention’. The British Nationalist line will be to use this to attack the SG on things over which it has no powers or only limited powers.

    Nasty times ahead.

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