Who is to blame for the exams crisis?

In Scotland, the Education Secretary is to blame but in England where is the Minister, Gavin Williamson?

And in Northern Ireland:

Or in Wales:

Only in Scotland.

8 thoughts on “Who is to blame for the exams crisis?”

  1. As the virus had to have been imported into the UK, surely then it was the government with the power to close borders who is to blame? I wonder who that is?…let me check the MSM…..no can’t seem to find out

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  2. It must be noted that the culprits here is without doubt the ABC
    Judge and Jury await after 2021 Holyrood result
    And in their case a defence does not exist
    So serve notice now Do Not Renew Your Licence

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  3. Entirely off topic……sorry

    20,000 excess deaths in England not counted in March, April according to Chris Giles of FT.

    Gap of millions between those “tests” sent out and the number actually done in England

    Over 2500 deaths removed from the statistics in England had death certificates with covid19 on them.

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  4. ‘The Greens back the SNP’ OMG barstewards, people, the MSM says don’t vote for the ‘Greens’ ‘cos they ‘back the SNP’. Notice they don’t say Scottish Green party either, because in fact they are registered as a Scottish party, unlike the er Labour/Tory/LibDems who are all English HQ’d and therefore just branches of the party based in England.

    It should have said, the Scottish Green party saw that the Scottish education minister, John Swinney, took definitive action to amend what was viewed as unfair for some students, and so they logically took the view that it would be wrong and unfair to vote against the education minister for the sake of a few British Nationalist MSP’s, who have a poliitical axe to grind. To have voted against Mr. Swinney would have been wholly unprofessional and undemocratic.

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    1. I thought the Scottish government brought the SQA “event” to an end in a sensible way. Hoping it will not come back.

      A woman called Trott (missed her first name and position), a Conservative MP was on Sky News. She claimed that the UK government solution to the English exam fiasco was better handled that the Scottish.

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