Get you free wee Union Flags here!

Johnson and Gove’s latest wheeze to contain the SNP surge seems doomed to failure. Sticking Union Flags on new footbridges or covid-19 testing devices is a repeat of the 2015 plan to do the same and which singularly failed to stop the SNP then. Has anyone ever noticed one of the 2015 plus generation of wee badges?

Even if this one gets off the ground in any noticeable way, I foresee them being chiselled off by weans to stick on their denim jackets or depending on football affiliation, drop down a drain.

3 thoughts on “Get you free wee Union Flags here!”

    1. Why not add a saltire with “using the Scottish people’s taxes” or “because Scotland’s a colony, not a country in its own right”.

      Clarification, not vandalism, is the key, I think. Painting over it would draw attention to it and just give UKgov a chance for more disinformation about “Separatists”. Point out the lies, not cover them up.

      After all, people in IngundunDwales ignored all those nice little EU flags when they were voting leave cos “What has the EU ever done for us?”

      Does Led by Donkeys have a Scottish Branch?


    2. Noticed a lot of spray painting around roads, bridge supports, road signs, advertising boards (some in obscure positions).
      The message is just two letters. “U B” sometimes with stickers indicating one of the big Glasgow teams.
      A thorough job has been done, seems organised.


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