Scottish Tories champion acupuncture

Scottish Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell, son of Secretary of ...

Relax, you’ll just feel a little prick.

On Tuesday 11th in Holyrood, Murdo Fraser asked:

Then, in what may have been only minutes later, Oliver Mundell seemed to ask the same question.

Is this some new strategy or sign of collapse?

Readers are invited to add their own needle and prick comments below.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Tories champion acupuncture

  1. Can acupuncture cure stupid? Or greed, or just blatant troughing liars for self gain. Can it alleviate
    BritNattery and anti SNP and those intent on denying Scotland democracy? Asking for a few million, ta.

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      1. Maybe they were just trying to needle the Govt. (I hate to see someone disappointed so ealry in the day… πŸ˜€ )


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