It seems that the Conservative Government plans to side-step a ‘humiliating U-turn’ with ‘knee-jerk decision’ to stick with the thousands of downgrades and only offer the affected the chance to use their mock results (prelims) if unhappy with that.

Other humiliations, however, seem inevitable but this, reported in the Guardian today, is the worst for them:

Lawyers warned that the Scottish U-turn could potentially lead to legal challenges in England when pupils from either side of the border compete for university places. Leon Glenister, a barrister specialising in education law, said: “I struggle to see how the government can now refuse to apply the same rules in Scotland to England.”

You see the possibilities?

  • Thousands of Eton schoolboys and girls denied Oxbridge places in favour of weans from Dreghorn.
  • Social-climbing parents from Buckinghamshire sue Saint Andrews University after their daughter fails to meet a prince and ends up in South Queensferry.
  • Scottish students keep falling in the water when they hear they’re in a punt.

Seriously though, Gav hasn’t thought this mocks thing through and invites an even bigger shitschturm, as hard-working students of German might call it.


  • Some schools cancelled the mocks due to covid
  • Some schools didn’t administer them in a reliable way in exam conditions
  • Some students will claim they were told the mocks didn’t matter and so…

Will Gav resign? Don’t be daft. He’ll have caught covid by then.