In a poll for them but not yet published, the Times, revealed this at 12:01 this morning:

More than two thirds of SNP voters want Nicola Sturgeon to push for an unauthorised independence referendum if the UK government withholds permission from a majority nationalist government. The constitution is reserved to Westminster under the Scotland Act and the common interpretation of the law is that the UK government must transfer authority to Holyrood to hold a second vote on secession. A poll by YouGov for The Times found that 68 per cent of SNP supporters thought that the Scottish government “should try to hold a vote without those powers” if Boris Johnson refuses to engage even if Ms Sturgeon wins a majority next May.

Our stats adviser(14) did point out that 68% is closer to the the Times’ ‘more than two thirds‘ (66.66666%) than our ‘nearly 70%‘, but I’m going with the new SQA method because I spent my childhood in a tenement, a prefab and a scheme, played on a bing and learned to swim in the Forth and Clyde Canal.

I did. All of that is true. You can take the professor out of the scheme but….

I’ll check the poll for other points of interest later.