From Keith Brown this morning:

SNP on 57%, projected to win 74 seats. FM on +50 approval, PM on -50. 53% support for Indy (up 2%). Need to keep our eyes on the prize and take nothing for granted.

Also, in the headline, reinforcing our thoughts two days ago on the results of the YouGov sub-poll, carried out as the SQA ‘fiasco’ exploded on the 4th and 5th, SNP support is again unaffected by media campaigns like the one we saw at the weekend.

And, 53% support for independence, in a full poll, when placed in this sequence, confirms the steady trend, up 10% since January, toward a Yes vote next time:

10 polls in the last 7 months, with 7 for Yes, with increasing majorities, 1 tie 6 months ago and two for No but by only 1% back in February and March.

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