10% increase in support for Independence and pushing toward a safe majority next time

From Keith Brown this morning:

SNP on 57%, projected to win 74 seats. FM on +50 approval, PM on -50. 53% support for Indy (up 2%). Need to keep our eyes on the prize and take nothing for granted.

Also, in the headline, reinforcing our thoughts two days ago on the results of the YouGov sub-poll, carried out as the SQA ‘fiasco’ exploded on the 4th and 5th, SNP support is again unaffected by media campaigns like the one we saw at the weekend.

And, 53% support for independence, in a full poll, when placed in this sequence, confirms the steady trend, up 10% since January, toward a Yes vote next time:


10 polls in the last 7 months, with 7 for Yes, with increasing majorities, 1 tie 6 months ago and two for No but by only 1% back in February and March.

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6 thoughts on “10% increase in support for Independence and pushing toward a safe majority next time

  1. Latest poll confirms that Scots are being short changed by the UK government propaganda units in Scotland.
    A separatist spokesperson hit out at the lack of investment, ‘ We pay top dollar for this third rate service. Scotland deserves better ‘
    A UK gov official apologist apologised, saying recruitment was difficult and they were doing the best they could with the dross available.

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  2. ”10% increase in support for Indy” …and that is before Ruthless gets to put the boot in ! ( Do denizens of the HoL wear boots or are their feet encased in bespoke slippers fashioned from unicorn skin ? )
    Wait ’til Dross gets going with his rapier wit , sharpened on the football field as he traded intellectual banter with the philosophers littering the pitches of Scotland ! The Scottish Government will be toast for a man of his capabilities – hey , watch where you’re sticking that flag , Dross !

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  3. The Tories are desperately looking to see
    If there exits some mechanism that can actually turn around the incoming tide
    And that is the most sure signal of forlorn hope especially if they think a wave of a flag from Dougie and diahreoa


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