Your trusted, quality Herald needs you!

I’ve kind of noticed the plea for help there before but, mostly, I don’t really pay it much attention.

When you do, it’s hard to keep a straight face. When they say ‘trusted’, ‘quality’, do they mean this one?

No? This one?

No? This one?

Oooh, I just don’t know. It’s only £2……

4 thoughts on “Your trusted, quality Herald needs you!

  1. I think the biggest subvention for “Scotland’s” failed press will come from Hi Jack, in a kind of “pay for praise” for the Boris regime (it works with Macwhirter) .

    Though MI5 might run them close.


  2. Gordon, McArdle and MacWhirter are prepared to trash their reputation for a wage packet.
    What does that do to a sense of well being?


  3. I’m sure the Herald’s many English/British nationalist friends in Westminster will help them out. Surely they must! I mean, if they didn’t that would prove they were treating their useful idiot lapdogs in Scotland as pathetic suckers.


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