Not just my opinion: The leaky conceptualisation about the SNP that shows why Mark Smith is doing so badly

It’s Mark Smith again on nationalism and why normal folk like him don’t really like it. He writes:

Nationalists usually argue that Scotland would be better off economically and socially because of independence, but it actually doesn’t matter because independence is their top priority. Their thinking is: the economy and equality are important, but not as important as independence.

Then he tells us why Nicola is doing so well in the polls. You know what’s coming, don’t you? It’s because she’s not being nationalistic! She’s dealing with the outbreak and refusing to mention constitutional matters even though the press pack try to push her into that daily.

The opinion polls suggest that when you ask them, few respondents put independence above big social and economic issues like health, housing or education and so, for Smith, independence is not that important to the people of Scotland.

Here’s the problem.

Smith is, I hope, a complex character embracing a range of values relating to the economy, poverty, health, welfare, sexual identity, foreign affairs, war, the environment, human rights and so on. At any moment he can make a decision to act or to just say something perhaps, which requires a quick decision to temporarily put one of these into that moment. At another time, the same value may not be the one prioritised but, crucially, he won’t have to throw away any of the other values as long as they do not seriously contradict it….and so can we!

The supporters of Scottish independence, even the SNP members, are not narrow obsessives in my experience, but complex like Smith, and able to hold within themselves a range of values which can reasonably co-exist. So, without needing to retrospectively articulate them, we know that the drive for Scottish independence brings within it, at least to some extent, egalitarianism, pacifism, environmentalism, tolerance and collectivism just as Unionism with its post-imperial baggage does not.

7 thoughts on “Not just my opinion: The leaky conceptualisation about the SNP that shows why Mark Smith is doing so badly

  1. Maybe his ‘thinking’ is that all independent countries care not a jot for anything except their sovereignty. Weird logic there. Economic and societal health go hand in hand with independence., the opposite to having your resources and revenues removed by your neighbouring country.

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  2. Its like Wee Dougie Ross. He wants to constantly remind us of the “benefits of the Union”, but he says he “wont fight 2021 on the constitution”. A party with only one policy? Say NO to Scots?

    No10 have apparently hired some Australian Guru to “interfere” in Scotland’s democracy, this,,,,,,alongside all the politicians up on a day trip from England, our heavily biased media, commentators totally slewed to Scottish subordinance, and context,/perspective-free news.

    They can do that because Scotland is a Colony.

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  3. Very tiresome being constantly “accused” of being a nationalist.
    Most of us “nationalists” are democrats who simply want the democratic right to elect a government of our choice for our country.
    Those who seek to oppose that right,know that we have the moral high ground on that fundamental issue and have to resort to pejoratives to justify their position.
    Would they have accused Poland or East Germany as being vile separatist or nationalist in their pursuit of exiting the Soviet Union?
    Westminster and it’s supporters only pay us any attention when we threaten to open our own bank account.

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    1. Maybe more NATIONist than NATIONAList?

      I don’t know if you can have a non-Scottish national (ie me) nationalist anyway.
      Doesn’t stop me having come round to the realisation that the Scottish Nation needs to be able to make decisions for itself.

      Took a while. but then, I’m not of Scottish heritage. What’s their excuse?


  4. Precisely the same arguments could be deployed against British Nationalism. Preserve the Union at any cost! They just don’t care about any adverse impact on Scotland economic or social or political.


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