SNP expenses hunter targets Nicola!

I was amused to read this Freedom of Information request over a bowl of cereal this morning:

At first, I thought that will be a made up name, Paul McGlone, they usually are, but I checked. He might be real.

It seems McGlone is on a mission here. In the Dumbarton Democrat, April 2018, a ‘Paul McGlone’ is in pursuit of the SNP Administrations’ Chief Executive, Joyce White:

Paul McGlone said: “I’d like to see what she was searching in google and what she was watching on YouTube. “Can someone s check the policy guidance details for Internet her at this workplace. This doesn’t sit well in an era of hyper paid senior officials and constant staff cuts.” Gary Miller said: “15630 hits in 183 days. That’s on average 85 hits in a 7-hour working day. 12 an hour. Given the average person looks at the search results for what, 2 or 3 minutes, that’s more than half the working week lost to the internet at how much?” Gail Thomson said: “She should be suspended immediately and subjected to the same proceedings as any other council employees.” Paul McGlone asked: “How much does she trouser for surfing the web Just googled it, over £130k, given the generosity of pension provisions package must be touching £200k.”

If Nicola has wrongly claimed so much as a tube of Smarties, I’ll eat my hat.

13 thoughts on “SNP expenses hunter targets Nicola!

  1. The DD rag pops up a lot at the moment. ‘Democrat’ ha haha haha!

    In submitting FOI’s it would surely be a requirement to supply a genuine name, one would hope so…

    Don’t worry if N. Sturgeon has claimed for a tube of smarties it’ll be splashed all over the front pages of the daily democracy denying daily rags in Scotland.

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  2. The Dumbarton Democrat is run by Bill Heaney, who used to be an award-winning and very-good local newspaper editor, when in charge of the Lennox Herald. Then he became a Labour Party spin doctor, under Jack McConnell.

    While taking the Labour Party’s shillings, Bill seems to have swallowed teh Bain Principle, hook, line and sinker, and that shows in what he publishes in the Democrat. There, the commonest thread is: “SNP Baaaddd!!!”

    He given plenty of space to the thoughts of Brian Wilslon, and is conducting a campaign against the local SNP administration in Dumbarton.

    I know Bill, and have told him: “Bill, you’ve lost the plot completely,”

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