I was amused to read this Freedom of Information request over a bowl of cereal this morning:

At first, I thought that will be a made up name, Paul McGlone, they usually are, but I checked. He might be real.

It seems McGlone is on a mission here. In the Dumbarton Democrat, April 2018, a ‘Paul McGlone’ is in pursuit of the SNP Administrations’ Chief Executive, Joyce White:

Paul McGlone said: “I’d like to see what she was searching in google and what she was watching on YouTube. “Can someone s check the policy guidance details for Internet her at this workplace. This doesn’t sit well in an era of hyper paid senior officials and constant staff cuts.” Gary Miller said: “15630 hits in 183 days. That’s on average 85 hits in a 7-hour working day. 12 an hour. Given the average person looks at the search results for what, 2 or 3 minutes, that’s more than half the working week lost to the internet at how much?” Gail Thomson said: “She should be suspended immediately and subjected to the same proceedings as any other council employees.” Paul McGlone asked: “How much does she trouser for surfing the web Just googled it, over £130k, given the generosity of pension provisions package must be touching £200k.”


If Nicola has wrongly claimed so much as a tube of Smarties, I’ll eat my hat.