So, current Edinburgh Conservative & Unionist Councillor and former party adviser, John McLellan, gets a free platform in the Evening News, to attack the SNP via the SQA.

In a year in which pass rates went up and in the context of 138 000 submissions, we know as does he, that we don’t know what his headline claims. We’ll see once the appeals go in and can compare the number with last year’s well over 10 000.

We’ve seen a tiny handful of disappointed students who, perhaps on the advice of their parents, or perhaps encouraged by an opposition politician, have decided that the better option is not to put a free appeal in, as the FM encouraged them to do, but to write to the newspapers, tell the BBC and/or write to John Swinney who, of course, does not work at the SQA.

As for the tatters, perhaps we’ll be better able to judge that claim one the Exam system for England shows us what it cannot do, like this: