Transparent Failure 2: The Scotland in Union covert writing group Prof pretends to be Joe Public again on care home deaths

Writing in the Scotsman for the umpteenth time, Prof Pennington, bacteriologist and former expert in toxic spam sannies, drops the prof to seem like a different guy and, as ever, makes no mention of his membership of Scotland in Union‘s sneak covert writing group committed to retaining the Union by tricking letter editors and readers.

He’s back on the care home deaths in the first phase of the epidemic when his beloved UK and it’s SAGE advisory group delayed lock-down, on advice that care homes had little to worry about, and so allowed the wave of death in April and May. He knows that’s the case. He must do.

Knowing how awful the overall ‘UK’/England performance has been, he wants us to compare Scotland with South-West England because that region has had a lower infection rate.

It’s a daft comparison. In terms of demography, economy, urbanisation, transport, North West England makes more sense but of course that won’t do because that region is having a far far worse experience than Scotland.

Remember, Pennington is the man who accused the SG of concealing outbreaks:

He and Jackie Baillie will need to get their acts together on this one!

2 thoughts on “Transparent Failure 2: The Scotland in Union covert writing group Prof pretends to be Joe Public again on care home deaths

  1. As ever with Poison Pennington and his “secret society”, the smoke and mirrors keep rolling off the production line.
    He kicks off with the not unreasonable “But like should be compared with like…” then proceeds to construct a false equivalence on area populations and numbers of Care-Homes “affected”, presumably spurred by stumbling across the 30.4% figure and weaving the rest of this politically motivated bunkum around it.
    Inevitably an analysis of excess deaths in Care-Homes will be published demonstrating the tragedy society has allowed to visit on it’s elderly by trusting charlatans and crooks with political office..
    Until then the best place for Poison is in a bottle.


  2. “Poison is in the bottle”


    “On the bottle – Idioms by The Free › on+the+bottle
    on the ˈbottle. (informal) drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks regularly: I see he’s back on the bottle again.”


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