Covid-19 spike illustrates strength of a Scottish national police [SNP] force

Edinburgh police are travelling to Aberdeen to help in policing the re-imposed lock-down

A spokesperson said

As a national service, Police Scotland is able to quickly flex capacity to support local communities across the country, and we will provide whatever additional resources are necessary to protect and support affected communities.

Other than in their errors in George Square recently, we have had reason to applaud Police Scotland here, to try to balance the lack of support they get from other Scottish media:

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 spike illustrates strength of a Scottish national police [SNP] force

  1. Aberdeen, ah yes the new hotbed of virus infection, is Douglas Ross to blame? Our swiftly chosen new leader of the ScotCons, sorry, nominee, must be travelling about far too much. The choice came out of the blue for me – but then I’m not in the loop… Then I see that Philip Sim of the BBC appears to be just as cynical:

    The referee reference coupled with popularity and obvious choice made me laugh anyway.

    The ScotCons always look like a bunch of thugs and bullies to me, with their ill-fitting and too small suits on the blokes and scowling twisted faces on the women, makes me shiver and think ‘no thanks’. (and that’s before they open their mouths)


  2. Police Haveca very difficult line to walk on Covid People are or can be aggressive and confrontational when being told what the cannot do

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  3. Oor Willie in Fife has been advocating the break up of Police Scotland for some time.
    His cover story is local accountability which in principle is a good thing.
    However,that requires greater funding from his government establishment in London and that is not about to happen any time soon.
    As far as I know Police Scotland have about half the numbers of the Metropolitan force so perhaps he should be demanding the break up of that organisation in the interests of local accountability.
    No,didn’t think so.


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