From BBC Scotland today:

A Trossachs care home has had its registration cancelled after warnings about infection control and cleanliness went unheeded. The Care Inspectorate said Ashwood House in Callander, which looks after 21 residents, had made “minimum progress” since an earlier inspection.

Inspectors, who visited the home on 30 July, said they found dirty equipment and toilets that had not been cleaned after use. The visit followed another two weeks previously in which concerns had been raised. The watchdog said: “The lack of cleanliness in the home shows a lack of respect for the people living there and has a detrimental effect on people’s experiences and quality of life. “Due to the poor standard of cleanliness within the service and the absence of enhanced cleaning protocols, if Covid-19 were to enter the service, it would spread rapidly.”

The owners and managers of Mauricare Limited which owns Ashwood House:

How Mr Boodhoo did in the 2019 local elections in Leicestershire: