Leading academic on Channel 4 suggests England needs to follow Scottish model


On Channel 4 News tonight Professor Costello said:

We’re not a million miles away [from a zero covid situation] and if we tightened up our find, trace isolate and support, when we get down to Scottish levels, then we’ll be able to negotiate much more diplomatically and aggressively with our European partners.

Though Scotland is experiencing a spike in infection levels with 66 new cases today, the 7 day average is 35.7.

The UK had 950 new cases today and a 7 day average of 833.33, twice that pro rata of Scotland even with the spike.

2 thoughts on “Leading academic on Channel 4 suggests England needs to follow Scottish model

  1. I think test and trace will result in more people being detected as being infected. The emerging evidence seems to suggest that for many people who are infected they remain wholly asymptomatic. At one of the daily briefings, I think it was Professor Leitch who said that most of those detected and are isolating are not in a ‘serious’ condition. The numbers who are hospitalised do not seem very great and those requiring ICU very low indeed.

    Although the media are encouraging some individual pub owners to fulminate against the lockdown, the spokesperson for the Licensed trade has been unequivocal in his support for the actions being taken, but adds that pub customers ought to be acting with more restraint.

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