0.002% of 138 000 is not just insignificant using it is infantile

I’m guessing BBC Scotland juniors have been trawling the twitter feeds of Scottish teenagers and found these three or, maybe, they live next door to Miles Briggs or Anas Sarwar or Willie Rennie or whoever.

It’s journalism Jim and just as we increasingly know it.

BBC Scotland continues to base it’s criticism of the SQA’s on a handful of pupils who might in other times have appealed their grades but would not have done so in the media spotlight.

We have 3 out 138 000 presented as some more informative than the news that the overall pass rates increased, that the attainment gap narrowed and that thousands appeal their grades every year.

5 thoughts on “0.002% of 138 000 is not just insignificant using it is infantile”

  1. https://academic.oup.com/jpubhealth/article/39/4/668/3058978

    “Overall, for those who fared poorly after the initial introduction of neoliberal policy in the 1970s, subsequent policy decisions have served to deepen and entrench those negative effects. The fact that neoliberalism has constituted a suite of rapidly and concurrently implemented policies, cross-cutting a variety of domains, which have reached into every part of people’s lives, has ensured that its impacts on quality of life have been incredibly powerful.

    What is already known on this topic
    There is evidence that the reduced welfare states and inequalities that neoliberal policies create damage population health. Scotland, west central Scotland and Glasgow, in particular, demonstrate particularly deep and entrenched damage from neoliberal policies.

    What this study adds
    This study has illuminated some of the life-long processes through which neoliberalism, as the underlying driver of UK government policy, has had a detrimental impact on quality of life for some of those living in what is, today, a relatively deprived of west central Scotland. By examining the lived experience, it has demonstrated a number of complex, iterative pathways through which such policies have driven detrimental changes in the social determinants of health for the inhabitants of post-industrial west central Scotland.”

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  2. “Reading the background material we amassed in researching the infographic was like reading the health benefits of a wonder-drug. The contribution of education on long term health has been described in terms of:

    ‘both potentiating and protective; it can trigger healthier futures, mitigate social stressors, and provide access to employment opportunities and life chances that could protect individuals from later-life disadvantage.’
    ‘the single most important modifiable social determinant of health.’
    And this isn’t just rhetoric. Studies show that the more educated and skilled you are, the more likely you will report better health even when compared with individuals with similar background characteristics. ”


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  3. The message from the London establishment and it’s lackeys in Scotland is that the SNP have failed to deliver good outcomes in terms of education and health,so they will be forced to take that responsibility away from them.
    The noises from the Tories are suggesting that they propose to give local councils that control initially but when that fails,Westminster (aka the Scottish Office) will ride to the rescue.
    Either way,they want Holyrood to be neutered so that they can take back control of Scotland.

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