Conor Matchett is another of the Scotsman’s virtual team of youngsters pontificating on the Scottish political scene secure in their almost complete lack of familiarity with it.

Remember their Conor Malborough, above, unfettered by any knowledge of devolution after a lifetime in England, telling us this?

Boris Johnson has suggested that the UK-wide lockdown measures will be relaxed on Monday, as he attended his first prime minister’s questions since being diagnosed with coronavirus in late March. Mr Johnson said he would reveal plans for an “unlockdown” in a televised statement on Sunday, following a review of the current measures on Thursday.

So, Conor Matchett says:

Take it from experience, but there are few things as destructive as an angry group of teenagers. While the more common reasons for fury will still bubble under the surface, through the utter calamity of the release of the SQA results, the SNP have potentially inflicted a serious wound on their brand ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections next year.

Once again, there were 138 000 SQA exam submissions and Scotland’s MSM have dug up a handful who complained.

As for the increased pass rate which some might think, fairly objectively, might make more teenagers happy with the SNP, that’s wrong and Matchett even has the nerve to wonder how ‘Mr Swinney performed in his statistics modules at schools.’

Leaving aside the point that they’re called ‘units‘ not ‘modules‘ in the Scottish schools exam system, is Master Matchett maybe missing something obvious when he writes:

On the crux of the matter both Mr Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon’s answers failed to cut the mustard. It won’t be of any comfort to pupils missing out on university places to claim there would have been equal controversy if the results had not been moderated down.

He’s not entirely wrong about those, though he forgets the appeals process, but far more important, what about the thousands who did better than they might have last year and who now have gained university places? How might that affect electoral prospects?

Afterthought on the ‘fiasco’, we look forward to Matchett’s response to the forthcoming handling of exam results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland…..ooh….and in Scotland’s fee-paying schools.

Take it from experience, but there are few things as destructive as an angry group of posh parents.