8% of the population 3.4% of the new cases and 0% of the deaths so ‘different enough’ for the media to recognise?

Pushing three weeks with no deaths and infection level at average of less than 20 but media still harping on about the past:

FT June 2nd
Lisa Summers July 31st
Prof P in Scotsman on July 14th
Brewer July 5th

And on and on…

4 thoughts on “8% of the population 3.4% of the new cases and 0% of the deaths so ‘different enough’ for the media to recognise?

  1. The more this record gets played, the louder the scratches sound.
    But hey, next up is Ruthie, the original one-tune fiddle.
    A Toadie duet, with Ruthie on the fiddle(as always) and Wee Dougie wi’ his whistle. The words to the song?—–

    Gyppos, Tinkers, on yer way,
    Dougie Ross will have his say,
    We’ll clear you out you Travelling folk,
    Gives Us Toadies the awfi’ boke,
    Ethnic cleanse? Hip, hip hooray!


  2. Today we’ve succeeded in matching England’s new positive tested cases per population. Let’s hope our test and trace keeps a lid on it. Still we don’t know how many PEOPLE in England are tested so no accurate comparison can be made.


  3. I suspect #10’s obsession with controlling the narrative early on is at the root of this “I see no ships” farce. To hide the true scale of the pandemic in England, Scotland had to be seen following the same pattern, if not worse, MSM played along with the usual supporting cast in Scotland.

    It wasn’t just Scots watching the FM’s Covid Updates, horrified by the MSM propaganda barrage, but a fair chunk of England. As SG increasingly diverged with better outcomes and transparency of information, England began questioning both the #10 narrative and that of MSM, hence the desperation to shut down FM Updates.

    MSM have been conning England a lot longer and more successfully than their Scotland counterparts, but even there the hypnosis is wearing off and folks are getting angry, and not just at the Tories, once you see the propaganda you can’t unsee it.
    Summers, Pennington and Brewer are trapped in the exact same bubble of suspended belief as Boulton, MSM simply cannot accept their game is up, and neither can #10’s spin-meisters….
    Trouble is brewing south of the border, down Mexborough way… 😉


  4. The line from the media for some months now has been not how badly Westminster has managed the situation, but that Scotland’s management has not been any better. In fact, it is down to the SG presentation and, the presumed gullibility of much of the population.


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