Scottish Tory voters to hang onto only Westminster seat

Today’s Opinium Poll mapped by Flavible, above, suggests the SNP would take all-but-one of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats in the next General Election.

While the Tories have a strong majority at the moment, trouble on the streets in poor and ethnic-minority areas after an attempt to impose more brutal local lock-downs could lead to the current regime thinking they should just get out and let Labour deal with the mess and deliberately lose a snap confidence-vote election.

In that scenario like that, would the SNP have the guts to go in with a manifesto stating that a vote for them was a vote for UDI?

16 thoughts on “Scottish Tory voters to hang onto only Westminster seat”

  1. Next General Election?
    Hope we are gone or going by then.

    Ruthie got her free-loaders ticket just in time, though it costs £2/3 million to keep “Scottish” Peers. Wonder if our friends in the South won’t be tempted to toss ’em out!

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  2. Not only I have stated but respected Academic Historians have stated the following and all before this virus going out of control
    England is fast becoming a failed state
    And qualifies for such in most areas of measurement that determine such
    And they warn that the possibility of very serious civil unrest may just lead to a 2nd full blown civil war in England
    Many of them also State that Scotland w/o doubt will break away
    Which will lead to Wales following and N.I. unifying with the south
    All this is not a fairy tale
    The cause of such has and continues to present itself with ever increasing amplification on a daily basis
    And no cause can ever arise
    That does not have effects
    But as far as Bojo and Cummins cocerned
    Despite their privileged elite education
    They are completely deprived of a universal truth and wisdom re.these matters
    Tis all a massive bundle of bone dry tinder
    Awaiting the spark to ignite it

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    1. My thoughts exactly —we are heading for a conflagration which could lead to Johnston and co having to flee the country


      1. Such will be confirmed once the so called smart money transfers to off shore tax havens
        At least Jacob Rees is now hedging his bets
        A sign of the times and may transpire
        They care not for kin or country


  3. Projection Totals
    CON 299
    LAB 264
    SNP 58
    An election based on these totals gives the Conservatives a much reduced lead of 35 over Labour, and would make the SNP king-makers with 58 seats.
    SO it’s not just the possibility of a near wipe-out of mainstream parties in Scotland, it’s the likelihood that whichever party aspires to run the show at Westminster, would require SNP support. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at that discussion …

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      1. The DUP are beginning to argue amongst themselves now and if this continues then they will dissappear into the ether occupied by has beens


  4. I think we are looking at this from too Scottish a viewpoint and also one based on legality and fairplay

    1) Adam Tomkins has to all intents and purposes conceded that Independence is the majority wish of the people in Scotland. 2) Bojo will not want his legacy to be ‘the PM that lost the Union. 3) The natural conclusion of Brexit is English nationalism and England being a separate country.

    Consequently I think Bojo & Cummings will preempt the inevitable split and in doing so make it seem like they are doing England a favour. Based upon David Cameron’s comments in 2014 IMHO they will publicly fight tooth and nail for the union for only as long as HM Queen is alive. In the meantime they will use the power grab to lay economic and social waste to the devolved nation’s and then,when they judge the time is right (i.e. before they lose their 80 seat majority), they will use westminster’s ‘sovereignty’ to dissolve the UK by Act of Parliament but on their own non-negotiable terms . Those terms would obviously massively favour themselves e.g. assigning UK debt on an unfair basis to name but one.

    Given the ongoing ‘ungrateful scrounging Scots’ narrative in the MSM, 49% of English voters already support a split so it would play well there. Whether they could get away with it in International law I don’t know

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  5. Certainly a huge contrast there, very telling.
    How well is Scotland represented at Westminster anyway? I know that at one time the number of Scottish MP’s was higher was it not something nearer 70? the Britnats must have a panic going on in their breestie right now. Awww.

    England needs independence, they must be getting fed up sending all their cash to Scotland, just to keep the people of Scotland living in the manner to which they have become accustomed, utter luxury. Certainly a huge weight to be lifted off of their shoulders, and with EngIndy at 49%, once they campaign it would be huge, go for it people of England!

    Oscar Wilde said ‘sarcism is the lowest form of wit’, he was probably right, he also said some other wonderful cutting things especially about the English elite!

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  6. The SNP should go into the 2021 Holyrood election on a Manifesto with Independence front and centre.

    Providing that come election time support is at current levels.

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    1. Regards Holyrood election we MUST be ultra smart out outwit future No.10 responses to the result
      Putting Indy front & centre is a grave tactically error
      1 Unionist will boycott in droves
      2.above enables No.10 to immediately
      Veto a referendum thus negatiting it
      So what goes to the top of the Green,SNP & any other Indy party
      As soon as possible the 1st act of the new parliament shall be
      The Plebiscite Act
      With 2 simple questions Do the people of Scotland alone have the right to determine their of Governance
      YES or NO
      That way Westminster has to respond and not defy Democracy
      After all there parliament is the mother of it
      And mothers do not kill their progeny

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      1. 1/ unionists will boycott a plebicite election in droves , in any election you have the power to vote or not vote that is YOUR choice but in making the choice NOT to vote you don’t have the ability or right
        to question the outcome
        2/ WM will immediately veto a referendum , it is NOT a referendum it is an election for the HR Scottish Parliament and if elected on a 50%+1 of voters voting on a mandate of dissolving the union that IS an instruction from the majority of Scottish voters who BOTHERED to vote and as stated in the claim of right Scots have the ability to determine who governs them


      2. I must take issue with you
        Because if the Unionists boycott a plebiscite to determine our sovereign right to decide our governance
        Then they are Refusing to partake in establishing a fundamental democratic principle and one that None can ignore the result off WORLD WIDE
        A massive majority for this right would result in making it impossible for Westminster to refuse a Sect.30 order
        It shall be a error of the gravest magnitude to campaign for Indy Ref 2
        In order to successfully negoiate the 2nd fence in front of you
        One MUST get over the 1st fence
        Tactically there is no alternative
        And if we win the plebiscite then our reply
        To Westminster is
        You say NO
        But we the Citizens of Scotland say YES
        Check Mate pal your move


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