Not the most successful union the world has ever known? Mysterious researcher exposes the dark legacy of Scotland in union with the Empire

Pregnancy, Poverty and Health | University of Strathclyde
The people in Scotland’s powerhouse of the Empire reveal the fruits of Union after centuries of London-rule and decades of Labour local management

This Freedom of Information request from the recurring and mysterious Manfred Stobartson, is of interest to us.

He wrote:

Dear Scottish Government,

In the last 52 weeks:
1 in every 87 of Scotland’s population died,
but only
1 in 89 of Wales
1 in 102 of England
1 in 113 of N Ireland

Is there a ‘Scottish Gov’ version’ of the above statistics that might make them look less horrific?

What actions are intended to be put in place to address this issue?

What is the main reasons [sic] for such a far higher death rate in Scotland?

The Scottish Government replied today and this paragraph seems of particular interest:

Whilst there have been improvements over the longer-term in areas of Scotland’s population health such as reductions in the percentage of adults who smoke, reductions in the percentage of children diagnosed with asthma and reductions in the mortality rate for cancers, heart disease and respiratory conditions, long-standing health inequalities still persist and these are having a negative impact on Scotland’s life expectancy and mortality rates. The actions the Scottish Government is taking reflect not just the need to improve the health of the population, but also the need to reduce the prevalence of the underlying causes such as deprivation and poverty. More information on the action being taken is available on the Health and Social Care policy pages of the Scottish Government here:

There’s an obvious supplementary question here:

Why after centuries of ‘the most successful political union the world has ever known‘ (Johnson, 2020) and over half a century of Labour Party stewardship of Scotland, have long-standing health inequalities still persisted?

Who should answer that question? The SNP Scottish Government after only 12 of the total 313 years of wonderful opportunity?

7 thoughts on “Not the most successful union the world has ever known? Mysterious researcher exposes the dark legacy of Scotland in union with the Empire”

  1. Indeed, the ‘Scottish Gov version’, what a patronising, finger pointing, agenda laden sentence if ever there was. The ‘union’ of 313 years has been detrimental to the people of Scotland. Even social housing was an afterthought under Britnat rule. Seeing an exhibition in recent years about Edinburgh and Glasgow (I think that photo in your article was part of it) in the 1970/1980’s I was abolustely shocked, the housing inside and out looked like the 1930’s. There was dire poverty, and extreme societal neglect. All of it caused and perpetuated by the so called ‘union’. Absolutely criminal.

    It will take a lot more than 12 years to repair the damage, health inequality has a knock on effect for the following generations. If a BritNat party ever, god forbid, took power at Holyrood again, they would reverse what has been achieved in healthcare and social care by the SNP in a few short years, and against huge odds. The reason being the BritNat parties in Scotland are not working in Scotland’s interests, they work for their masters in London. Their masters in London do not and never have cared about the people of Scotland, quite the opposite in fact they display utter contempt for them. They just want the land, seas, and resources, and to keep the riches flowing south, why would they bother themselves about people dying earlier in Scotland, anyway it’s a bonus, fewer people to have to pay pensions to. Disgusting.

    The terrible, tragic legacy of the ‘union’ is the answer to the guys question about ‘the reason for the far higher dearh rate’. The ‘union’ has a heck of a lot to answer for. It’s Scotland that should be asking the questions, the list however is very, very long.

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      1. They do now, but comparative death & morbidity rates have varied over time, because of many factors: poverty, unemployment, overcrowding, public health measures, education etc. There’s an interesting book by Edna Robertson, “Glasgow’s Doctor” 1998, about the early public health movement in Glasgow and the constant battle against the landlords of private housing.

        One factor in current, post-war morbidity might be the percentage of young, healthy, educated people who have left Scotland and skewed the stats. I think you would need to compare rates by the various demographic groups to get a clearer picture.

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  3. After 313 years of continuous anti-Scottish propaganda spat at us from Westminster it’s a wonder we all haven’t committed suicide. The union with England is bad for Scotland’s health.

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  4. Remember the Glasgow effect I think they called it where former industrial communities in England were compared to Glasgow and they struggled to find the reasons why Glasgow in particular had much poorer health. Westminster keeping at least half of Scotlands money for themselves for over 300 years has a lot to do with it no doubt. I seriously hope that when we achieve our independence the Unionists (English nationalists) do not get let off the hook. I’m not saying they should be banged up although in some cases they probably should but we need to have some sort of public inquiry into who was knowingly keeping us poor when they should have been fighting for every penny and power we needed to improve our lives. It should and hopefully would put the final nail in the coffin of a terrible period in Scottish history. The union should always be viewed and looked back on as bad time. We should also look to our own part in slavery and colonisation so we can learn from it and it can them help shape a more positive future for all who live here

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