Reporting Scotland’s unethical stalking expedition for the scent of chronic pain sufferers going south finds only TWO!

I’d forgotten about this when I wrote the earlier post on chronic pain sufferers but it’s worth a free-standing post to consider, though your gorge may rise, Fiona Stalker’s failed ‘stalk’ or should that be ‘ambulance chase?’

Stalker tweeted the above sneaky wee call for evidence, three weeks ago, then all went quiet. Serves her right, I thought, but no, she got two, including one well-known (Hughes) to Labour’s Monica Lennon, through her long-term presence in Holyrood committees.

So, armed with the ‘evidence’, Stalker wrote this:

The report is of course missing a few things, like contextual evidence to inform the reader and, when broadcast, the elderly non-SNP viewer.

I wondered three weeks ago, will she have bothered to search for any more reliable evidence of NHS Scotland’s performance or are one or two individuals prepared to cry on screen more her thing?

Might this, from 2016, be informative for the viewers?

England and Wales currently have fewer pain doctors than Scotland and Northern Ireland and that there are wide regional variations in the number of doctors specializing in pain medicine across England.


Returning to the two she has now stalked:

Who told you about them? Have you checked if they are relatives of opposition MSPs? Are they members of the opposition parties? Are they members of Scotland in Union or relatives of members?

I might be able to answer the first question – Monica Lennon. No! I hear you cry. Surely not.

See this in the Express and Star:

Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon is co-convener of the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group on chronic pain (Andrew Milligan/PA) Ms Lennon said she has been contacted by sufferers who have “had to travel to England and pay privately for pain injections because they are not able to access their usual treatment”.

5 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland’s unethical stalking expedition for the scent of chronic pain sufferers going south finds only TWO!”

  1. Oh! Yes, I was just mentioning this on the previous article as to GMS broadcasting it’s hyperbolic take on it.

    It just going to keep getting worse and more hysterical isn’t it? Keep the population in fear: keep the population in its box.

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    1. Hear hear!

      Contrary – I’ve left an answer to your question about chronic pain on the other thread.

      Dr R – Lots of good questions. I’d add, what stage were they at in the treatment process? And why not a Scottish private hospital.

      I watched my daughter suffer from chronic pain, also my nephew. They – and you – just want it to stop and will try anything, go anywhere.

      This is akin to ambulance chasing IMNSHO. And, if so, that’s disgusting and unacceptable in any circumstance.

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