When I saw that headline, I naturally assumed that, as in the New South Wales / Victoria border control arrangements, North-West England politicians had told their people not to go infecting Scotland and that the Scottish First Minister had offered to police the border so as to allow English forces to concentrate their resources in their own communities.

Not so. Risking another Tory rebuke, the FM has said:

I strongly advise anyone planning to travel to areas affected in the north of England, or anyone planning to travel to Scotland from those same areas, to cancel their plans.

Locals have been shocked by her impertinence. One man speaking to BBC Rochdale said angrily:

Ooo the fook dose she think she is? Cancel MY plans!!! An Englishman ‘as the right to go where the fook ‘e wants int England. My dad were too young ta fight Jerry for that right but ‘e fookin’ would have if e’d bin there!’