Tensions inflamed as Scots politician tries to tell English what they can and cannot do


When I saw that headline, I naturally assumed that, as in the New South Wales / Victoria border control arrangements, North-West England politicians had told their people not to go infecting Scotland and that the Scottish First Minister had offered to police the border so as to allow English forces to concentrate their resources in their own communities.

Not so. Risking another Tory rebuke, the FM has said:

I strongly advise anyone planning to travel to areas affected in the north of England, or anyone planning to travel to Scotland from those same areas, to cancel their plans.

Locals have been shocked by her impertinence. One man speaking to BBC Rochdale said angrily:

Ooo the fook dose she think she is? Cancel MY plans!!! An Englishman ‘as the right to go where the fook ‘e wants int England. My dad were too young ta fight Jerry for that right but ‘e fookin’ would have if e’d bin there!’

7 thoughts on “Tensions inflamed as Scots politician tries to tell English what they can and cannot do”

  1. 🤣
    “advise” becomes “told” ? Presumably Jessica Sansome is an ex-Sun journalist, and you’ve watched one too many Fred Dibnah videos….

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  2. Lol, ‘int England’, if this is real and it surely can’t be, the person either believes that Scotland is in England, or, that Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of England. It’s all turning into a dystopian nightmare, either way! Argh!

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  3. This is excellent! Remember, at least half of the english population want to be free of Scotland – we need to stoke up the resentment and greivance etc – dont underestimate the brexit feeling down south – it can be used to our advantage.

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  4. Let the poor deluded fellow go wherever the fook he wants and on 1 condition only
    That he waves his great big Union Jack
    And sings Rule Britania as he goes
    Wont be long before he is upon his knees
    Pleading for mercy and mummy
    As the mobs surrounding him know all too
    Well what he represents
    Someone send the poor chap a ticket for
    Helmand province Afghanistan as no doubt no one in power or the MSM
    especially the ABC that tis not the Union flag that flies there anymore as the Taliban have retaken all the ground back from the world class UK armed forces


      1. Ah but the latter of my comment is not made up
        It is factual far less the lives lost and wasted in by the jigonistic adventures of our deluded leaders in Westminster
        Ah but such are the loads placed upon the broad shoulders of their precious union
        Only to be stolen back by a bunch of mad peasants as they see them.But not I
        And a wee bit of history for you
        When and it was a Scotsman who was
        Dispatched to sus out the possibility of invading Afghanistan in days of Empire

        He met with the head of state to conclude his visit and then submit the findings in a report back to Westminster
        And here is what the Afgan leader told him what he should report upon picking up a very fine drinking glass and threw and smashed it upon the wall
        Stating go home and tell your Queen that she may consider herself as being the glass i have just broke
        And i am nothing but a wooden spoon
        Who casting upon the wall shall merely bounce of it and hit you full on the face
        The massacre of Kabul the most igneminious defeat in British military history

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