MP for The Shire?

Tory MP Anthony Higginbotham has come out ….as a Tory!… as a member of the Conservative Union Research Group! Just as the European Research Group promoted the European Union, so they will promote the strength of Great Britain.

What the ERG was against the EU but the CURG is in favour of the UK? Why?

Anyhoo as Higginbottom often says, here’s a grand idea to do just that:

Let’s teach the history of each nation in schools!

Too late!

In my time in teacher education (84 to 04), I saw weans in Cumnock learning about Henry 8th, heard of bairns in Edinburgh doing the Plantagenets, Edward the 1st, and a colleague told me of seeing the oileanaich in Barra learning of the campaigns of English general Marlborough.

In my time in secondary school (63-69) I learned nothing of Scottish history and only that of the British Empire.

Stories of how wild and savage my own Highland ancestors were, certainly made ME grateful for that.