SHOCK: Brian Wilson pretends his fake new is not fake news

Opening with an attempt to seem erudite but coming across as more Araldite, Wilson just repeats the same old fibs about the responsibility for the Covid-19 deaths and tries as Miles Briggs did earlier to pin it on the SNP.

The stuff about Marshal McLuhan could not be more dated and revealing. Using that old right-wing moralist and late convert to Catholicism, like Wilson’s old boss, Tony Blair, tells you just where Wilson’s mind is these days.

So, apologies to those who’ve seen this already but here’s them facts again:

Responsibility for the ‘failure to protect care home residents‘ can be laid at three ‘doors’ and none are in Edinburgh.

First, the UK Conservative Government with it’s callous ideological attachment to a herd immunity strategy, later denied but then replaced with a willingness to let the virus circulate in the community, to let the elderly, the sick and the poor be culled or after Boris, to ‘take it on the chin’, to protect the economy, and the daft notion that you could lock-down too early, which might cause ‘the people’ to lose discipline, combined in the actions of the PM to delay lock-down until months after the WHO had rung the ‘alarum bell‘ loud.

Second, the secretive SAGE advisory group ‘experts’, Whitty and Valance under pressure from Cummings, talking herd immunity language and denying the devolved nations any influence over early decisions dis-empowered the latter until devolution of the powers at the end of March, by which time the virus was in the care homes.

Third some of the private care home owners, several donors to the Conservative Party, mostly offshore-registered corporations, failed to implement infection control procedures that should have been second nature to them after decades of Flu and Norovirus, using untested agency staff from all parts of the UK to plug big gaps in the staffing in homes, understaffed because of the difficulty in recruiting enough of them because of low wages and poor conditions. Most damaging of all, some care home workers were unable to withdraw with symptoms because they could not live on poverty-level sick pay.

All of the above can be referenced by searching the blog or by Googling.

9 thoughts on “SHOCK: Brian Wilson pretends his fake new is not fake news

  1. Wilson the the forgotten man never did trust him.

    John,Do you want a laugh headline P&J
    Douglas Ross
    My goal is to be First Minister where have we haead that before.
    Flagged up offside I think.

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  2. All the Brit Nat Ultra’s (like Wilson) applauded “Union” Jack’s line of Scotland in “lockstep” with England. The consequences of the 4 nations policy were mass deaths and high infection rates.
    Since Scotland left this shambles, we have improved immeasurably, and— without Statistics Authority approval—– we CAN extrapolate the difference and say for certain Scotland has AT LEAST—less per capita infections, less per capita morbidity, higher public awareness of the dangers and more public approval of government action.

    It is the PUBLIC APPROVAL of Sturgeon which really angers the Brit Nats( check out todays Herod editorial line)—they detest the public when they refuse to believe the lies they are fed through colonial media like the Herod/BBC/etc, and commentators like Wilson in the Hootsmon.

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  3. Their repetitive nonsense is indeed tiresome – but I guess that’s intended, to get us bored of answering back.

    But ahhh the wonderful world of peerages, rewards handed out for… For…?

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  4. So, for Ruth Davidson’s seat we now get this:

    Just after the NEC have changed the rules to prevent Joanna Cherry standing.

    Well. We will have to see what happens I guess, but I for one certainly do NOT think this is okay.

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  5. Looks like ‘history’ is Tory theme right now. The thing is, ‘Covid19′ is not history it’s still very much here. What is clear is how very much at the forefront of peoples’ minds in Scotland, is the sheer shambolic, herd immunity tactic of the EngGov, and actually the sanctioning of Scotland in living memory (!) by way of instructing PPE suppliers NOT to supply Scotland with life saving PPE equipment. Scotland must not allow that to be forgotten, it was indicative of how the EngGov would deny Scotland even basic life saving equipment, and how they would shove Scotland off the lifeboats without a second thought if needed, and all while parking their disgraceful nukes in our country, and charging a fee of £billions to boot!

    Scotland is collateral (and a dumping ground) to the EngGov, and those who take a huge wage from the public purse to do down their own country, dancing to the BritNat tune, have a heck of a lot to answer for.

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    1. Tweets for Professor Pagel of the Independent SAGE group.

      “The most recent test and trace data shows that while the proportion of people testing positive in hospital settings has gone *down* – it has gone *up* for community tests (up to 23rd July). This means it’s *not* just that we’re finding more cases. 2/7
      NHS Test and Trace statistics (England): weekly reports
      Experimental statistics from the NHS Test and Trace service and related documents.

      Added to this, the Office of National Statistics weekly infection survey report (where they regularly test about 15,000 people for COVID) is now also reporting an increase in cases. They now estimate 4.2K new cases a day up from ~2K a couple of weeks ago. 3/7

      The increases are mainly in England and Wales and cases are concentrated in certain areas of England – explore for yourself on Prof Friston’s page here: 4/7

      Meanwhile Spain, Germany & France all seeing bigger increases after longer stable period than us. This is bad because they opened up bars etc a few weeks before us & no reason to think we won’t follow. The good news is that our increase is still small & so easier to reverse. 5/7

      In that context, it’s good that govt is pausing (some) reopening & trying to reduce spread in hotspots (although the way they did it was v confusing & damaging to trust). But I worry it’s too little – still want us to go back to work & leaving indoor bars etc open. 6/7

      A #ZeroCOVID approach (adopted in NI, Scotland, advocated by
      ) where govt drives down cases as much as possible *now* is how to avoid this damaging yo-yo-ing. AND the best way of ensuring children can go back to schools safely in September. 7/7″


  6. There is a rumour that Brian Wilson was a member of a University SNP branch when he was a student.

    On the same theme Whacko McConnell was a member of the SNP in his youfth .
    Both turned to the dark side.


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