They rebuked her here, they rebuked her there, they rebuked her everywhere. Hell hath no fury like a Unionist able to join in a pile-on to rebuke the First Minister.

Had she used the stats she used, in an essay for me, I’d have advised a qualifying statement or two to explain their provenance but rebuking? No. No rebuking here.

However, since then, the Tusker’s own statistician, Dr Mark Mycard has rebuked her, before I could stop him, because she has seriously understated the extend to which the infection level in other parts of the UK is higher than that in Scotland.

Using the ONS estimates presented by none other than the PM yesterday and our own NRS data, we can now repeat that infection levels in England are not just FIVE times higher but 16 TIMES HIGHER!

The PM announced yesterday that based on the ONS estimates, there are now 4 900 new infections each day in England.

Updated after advice from Alex: The Scottish Government estimate is now 30 cases per day:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland – latest data

Scotland has one tenth of the population so scaling the rate here up you might expect 300 for England but it’s 4 900, 16 times higher!