How BBC Wales offers us clear evidence of BBC Scotland’s anti-Scottish bias

In the wake of BBC Scotland’s Disclosure series misrepresenting the deaths in Scotland’s care homes:


the excellent MSM_Monitor has drawn attention to the clearly different agendas of BBC Wales under Labour and BBC Scotland under the SNP.

I was reminded of previous examples and the value of building up a portfolio of the evidence to counter the defence of it being accidental.

So, working backward, see this from April 1st 2020 and note the choice of image they have chosen to associate with the covid-19 deaths:

Depoliticised in Labour Wales.

Politicised and demonising in SNP Scotland.

On the 30th October, BBC Wales reported on a Norovirus outbreak closing four hospitals and two care homes like this:

Depoliticised in Labour Wales but in the previous month in Scotland:

The classic example of politicised and personalised reporting by BBC Scotland.

Then earlier in September 2019, on a different topic, drug gangs, bias by omission:

While BBC Wales reported:

Police forces across north Wales, Merseyside and Scotland have launched a series of dawn raids targeting “county lines” drugs gangs. Searches were carried out at 24 properties at 07:15 BST in Flintshire, Conwy, and Anglesey in north Wales, and in Liverpool and Scotland. North Wales Police said more than 300 officers from three forces have taken part in the operation.

and Police Scotland had been reporting the problem from January that year:

The charity Crime-stoppers is today 14th January 2019 launching a campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns.

BBC Scotland did not touch the story.

Returning to BBC Scotland’s troubled Disclosure series, in December 2018 they were pursuing their preferred quarry, old folk who will tell sad stories to camera:


BBC Scotland’s team, fresh from following the wrong lorry of calves to Spain, had taken considerable risks by accessing the online waiting list target data from the NHS Scotland Information Services Division and then interviewing old folk over a cup of teas and an empire biscuit.

In sharp contrast BBC Wales Investigates had exposed the secret mountain village location of a cell of violent thugs whom the Home Office wants to ban:


Contrasts with the reporting of BBC England’s reluctance to even mention ministers, far less use a photo of them is covered here:

8 thoughts on “How BBC Wales offers us clear evidence of BBC Scotland’s anti-Scottish bias”

  1. BBC Scotland tweet

    “BBC Scotland News
    She says the risk of coronavirus cases entering Scotland from abroad is increasingly high
    Sturgeon “increasingly concerned” over virus risk”

    No title? No respect?

    Sending your post on this to Donalda, John? Good stuff.

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  2. It certainly is interesting when you compare the devolved nations reporting. Do you think it really is only down to which party is in government in Scotland and Wales that influence their reporting?

    It does imply more than unconscious bias in reporting, does it not, maybe?

    Is it ‘subtle’ when people can easily access news from different places these days?

    I’m trying to think of what other reasons there might be – why different branches of the same company can take such different approaches to how they report to news or make the effort to find things that are not news to report – and can’t think of much, except that Wales have a ‘safe’ establishment Labour leader, and we have a ‘separatist’ SNP government. Either that or we have to accept that some scots have a very serious case of self-loathing and a pathological need to spread it to the rest of us.

    In Wales they have a rising number of independence supporters – I am not sure of the numbers but think it might be at our 2012 level, so a low percentage,,, but enough that it could turn into a strong movement soon. I can only assume that England doesn’t see this as a threat, Wales has a greater degree of infiltration and, of course, labour is in charge. Their Labour leader seems a bit more reasonable than our frothing neo-liberal Labour cabal, but seen as ‘controllable’ perhaps?

    The difference in type and style of reporting that we are exposed to does imply it isn’t accidental. Its really useful seeing reports side by side like this to compare them directly on similar reports.

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    1. Do you think it really is only down to which party is in government in Scotland and Wales that influence their reporting?

      No, more complex than that but with that as the major identifiable factor?


      1. I Remember a rapid change in reporting by the BBC towards the party in power when the SNP became the Scottish Gov. In 2007.

        When Labour were in power the BBC would interview the other parties first allowing the Labour rep. to attack what had been said. This was quickly reversed when the SNP won in 2007 .


      2. Yes I was just trying too think of broad scope things too, and it does seem to be the party in charge – but I suppose it’s a lot to do with Scotland already having been identified as a ‘known risk’ – they won’t catch on to Wales until it’s at crisis point probably – and the BBC has got in the habit of running with this type of reporting for years now. Still, for no one in editing to not have noticed the difference ,,, or maybe they don’t read their own stuff from different sections?!


  3. In Scotland a murder is covered at least seven times by the BBC as it proceeds from event to closure. The news slot is disaster after disaster, bad news on top of more bad news. The freedom of information requests have increased several hundred fold. If 100 pieces of data are positive they are ignored but the increase in fungal nail infection is a national disgrace with the rate “almost doubling” that means it went from 3 cases to 4. Anyone who is Angry, upset, in mourning etc will be interviewed and prompted to blame the Scottish Government – after all someone has to be blamed.

    Welcome to mis-Reporting .

    I can stop buying Unionist Newspapers. I can cancel my SKY subscription but the propaganda wing of the U.K. government will keep getting my tax deduction.

    What other Nation has to pay for the propaganda of another Nation to be blasted into their homes.
    A daily blast of you are too poor, too wee and too stupid.

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  4. My friends and myself have been calling the tory propaganda machine the Biased Broadcasting Cnuts for years !


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