With new infections in England stalling at around 700 per day, 20 times higher per capita than in Scotland and only just below the average in Spain, and with deaths stalling at more than 60 per day, compared to zero in Scotland, the Conservative Government has recognised defeat and has jumped at the Scottish First Minister’s offer of a ‘shared approach.’

Though the BBC Scotland report is not on the UK or England websites, the UK Government’s feelings are protected by the headline and opening sentences but it soon becomes clear what is happening here:

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she had suggested the move. Ms Sturgeon confirmed that work was now under way towards “exploring whether or not that is possible”, and welcomed Mr Gove’s “positive” comments about it. She added: “What we have sought to look at is whether we can come to a joint approach that makes very clear that we are all trying to drive this virus to the lowest possible level, which I would call effective elimination, and keep it there. “As opposed to having an approach that allows the virus to hover around at a certain level and then hope that it doesn’t overwhelm you”.

As infection levels spike across more than 20 areas in England, the Government there has come to realise that hey cannot go on this way and, crucially, that further lock-downs will do even great damage to the economy than if they had followed the Scottish model, been consistent in messaging and delayed opening-up until infection levels were much lower.

Looking enviously at the data from Scotland and the zero tolerance strategy being praised across Europe, their advisers have at last been able to reverse the herd stupidity strategy of Cummings and Vallance.

The Tusker understands that Sturgeon, Freeman and Sridhar will run a series of Zoom sessions with the UK Cabinet in the hope that they might get it.

Jackson Carlaw was asked to comment but is up Ben Lomond and has not been seen for some time. Sarah Smith, Lisa Summers and Glenn Campbell were last seen bashing each others’ heads together, to come up with something but have so far only got:

Sturgeon accused of making Michael Gove sit up straight and fn listen!’