UK press goes fishing in Edinburgh and Geneva – catches crab in both locations

Live from WHO Headquarters - coronavirus - COVID-19 daily press ...
How many times do I have to say this is fn dangerous, do something?

By Brenda Steele:

Many of those who come to this site are probably regular viewers of the ScotGov Coronavirus briefings and have watched the FM handle a hostile press. Quite clearly the objective of many questions is fodder for shrieking Sturgeon/SNPBaaad headlines.

Nicola Sturgeon is not the only target.

WHO also has press briefings. WHO officials are subjected to very similar treatment for the same tawdry motives. The briefings can be found at:

I only began watching recently, but at each one I have detected what can only be described as fishing expeditions.  The briefing of 27 July is a case in point.  At around 44:30 minutes in,  Anna Gross Markets Reporter at the Financial Times poses this question:

“When, if at all, do you expect the WH team to present findings on the origin of Covid-19 and when they do will they meet with the press in Beijing?”

As far as I am concerned, I can only describe this as a display of either crass ignorance or deliberate nastiness. Clearly this journalist has not done her homework.  The terms and purpose of this mission have been fully explained at a recent previous briefing.  Nevertheless, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove goes over the terms and purpose of the mission yet again.

This is the lady who got vilified by;? the press over a statement about asymptomatic carriers being rare and then being accused of having “rowed back” on it.

I have not gone back to look at that briefing, but I would not be surprised to find that the press got it wrong.

I notice that both Dr Kerkhove and Mike Ryan now give quite verbose answers. I suspect that this technique of saying the same thing in several different ways reduces the ability of the press pack to misunderstand through wilfulness or ignorance. As I was writing this, I realized that, to some degree, the same technique is being used at the ScotGov Coronavirus briefings. Up to now I had found the repetition irritating, now I understand it.

I recommend listening to the complete WHO briefing. Mike Ryan describes how countries should prepare for post lockdown life. He emphasises that strategy should be set at central government level but that test trace etc.  should be done at the very local level. Granular was the word he used.  Additionally, he recommended that people should be able to find out what Covid-19 activity is occurring in their local area.

It is clear to me that ScotGov is following WHO guidelines and I point to this as evidence

Scotland developing a COVID forecasting service which will send SMS updates on local prevalence to make better informed decisions

Just what Dr WHO ordered. 😁

The same cannot be said of Tory Westminster.  Their centrally-run Test & Trace system has been farmed out to contractors. Far from making information about the prevalence of the virus in their locality available to the populace, the contractors actually kept the data from the appropriate local officials!

Moreover, this Tory government clearly does not want WHO advice and wants to go their own way unhindered by petty bureaucracy. Their tame propaganda unit, the BBC World Service, has put together this:

Is the WHO fit for purpose? 

The Real Story:

The WHO investigates the coronavirus origins in China. Is it too little, too late?

There was one little snippet in that broadcast that caught my attention. It was the assertion that much of the problems at WHO lie with how it is organized.  This explains it. 

I surmise that they resent the fact that they cannot buy influence over the organization despite making large “donations”.  Johnson is very much on the same page as Trump in this.  Trump is planning to leave and take his money with him.

My take is that this will drive the EU further from the UK and the USA.  It is very much EU policy to supports multilateral organisations to help keep the peace. 

Note, by the way that Mike Ryan is Irish. In the course of putting this together, I looked at his CV. Really impressive.

10 thoughts on “UK press goes fishing in Edinburgh and Geneva – catches crab in both locations”

  1. Well,the Tories new boss in Washington is cutting ties with WHO in his increasingly desperate attempts to get re-elected and blame someone else for his failings,so it is no surprise that they are following suit.
    What happens with a new president and the Tories cast adrift in Mid Atlantic?

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  2. I read this article in Der Spiegel this morning. It is an interview with Prof Sridhar in the course of which she has some interesting things to say about the WHO. Acknowledgement to Ann B on since she posted the link this morning.

    “”What Europe Can Learn from Scotland in Fighting the Pandemic””

    It is in English and is very much worth reading.

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    1. Very interesting article, based on an interview with the impressive Prof Sridhar. Once, a foreign news item with relevance to Scotland would have had an airing in one on Scotland’s newspapers.
      Those days are long gone, along with the reputation of these same papers.

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  3. Thanks for this article. The technique being used by so called journalists is to distract, and to undermine what is being advised, and what countries’ governments should be doing to reduce and eradicate Covid19.

    It’s all about money, the rich are seeing their dodgy bank accounts being reduced, so they will do whatever it takes to cause doubt in peoples’ minds as to the efficacy of WHO and also the Scottish Government in their handling of this terrible pandemic.

    WHO is an independent representative organisation, which is of course reliant on countries’ money to keep afloat and do the work required to actually save lives and deal with pandemics etc. The right wing are politicising WHO, they are attempting to steer the narrative including with regard to how the ScotGov are also dealing with the situation. The tactic is to distract from actual facts of the matter, hence the terrible second outbreaks of Covid19 around the globe. How terrifying.

    It will end very badly, including for the rich, but their greed and short sightedness knows no bounds.


    1. ArtyHetty,
      Tonight’s BBC news at 6 o’clock was a classic example of how the MSM hides information from people. The quoted the UK figures for new cases and UK deaths in the past 24 hours. There was absolutely no attempt to break the figures down by nation. It is in fact become increasingly difficult to find the data for England either in the newspapers or on TV. The absence of daily briefings from the UK Gov also serves to hide the actual situation. That as much as anything probably explains the Tories trying to stop the FM’s briefings because it really underlines how the UK Gov, with the help of the MSM, is keeping people in the dark.

      I had a look to find the figures for new cases in the past 24 hours and deaths. Found figures easily enough for Scotland, Wales and NI but England’s figures took a bit of digging.

      Here they are:
      Scotland 4 cases no deaths
      Wales 21 cases no deaths
      NI 9 cases no deaths
      England 547 cases 119 deaths which are reported as UK deaths.

      Scotland has not had any deaths for 12 days and NI has not had any deaths for 15 days.

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  4. Legerwood, there is now a UK coronavirus tracker at I look at it every day to get the infections, deaths and testing data for S, E, W and NI. The UK tracker also provides a lot of detail for UK local authorities, and allows you to filter some searches. There is also some comparative data for other countries. The young man who owns the site is doing an excellent job.

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    1. Yes. I know about the sight but the point I was making was that the mainstream media hide the data under the catch-all UK umbrella such that when any ordinary punter especially in England wants to get the figures they would have a real hard job of it.


      1. Agreed, but the fact that ALL of them do the same hints at collusion in some form or other.
        Even were they presented the information in that manner, odds are at least one would analyse or go dig for supplementary information.
        That this aligns with how #10 were reporting from early on in the crisis implies the media are being leaned on.

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