Covid infection level in England more than 200 times higher than Scotland and 20 times higher per head of population

The UK 7 day average infection level is 677, so around 625 for England but climbing. The 7 day average for Scotland is 14.6 and falling to 3 in the last 24 hours. England, population is 10 times larger than Scotland so, all things being equal would have 30 cases but has, today 616!

Professor Sridhar explains what we must do now to preserve this achievement

4 thoughts on “Covid infection level in England more than 200 times higher than Scotland and 20 times higher per head of population”

  1. Begs the question:

    If Scotlands infection rate yesterday (3) was only 0.48% of Englands (616)


    The UKs Covid-19 infection rate (685) yesterday was 31% of Spain’s (2120):

    Why are those coming into the UK from Spain being mandated to quarantine for 14 days but those coming into Scotland from England, regardless of their Nationality for those who feel this would be an Anti English policy (looking at you BBC/MSM/BritNats)?

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  2. I suppose,for now,Health Scotland is depending on managing any imported virus from England through test and trace.
    As long as it isn’t a problem,the SG probably don’t want to pick a fight with London,yet.
    However,the question then is,why do people coming into Scotland from other countries deemed a risk (which England definitely is) have to quarantine?

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  3. If (big if) Scotland had any journalists, they might just ask Wee Wullie, Carlot and Leotard why they think those with high infection rates in England, should not be prevented from coming here?
    Why is it alright to quarantine whole cities, or countries but not if you happen to be from one country?
    Would they quarantine us? You bet they would!

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    1. If the boot (!) was on the other foot, yes they damn would quarentine the whole of Scotland, and they’d have the army at the non border, and airports all but shut down.

      I am find it worrying really, given fact we cannot enforce quarentine or close our border, that Scotland is held hostage to events beyond our control, ie that there will be a second wave come autumn/winter.

      That will cost lives and damage our economy even further. I hope I am wrong, though seeing the people queuing at a local ‘outdoor’ food and drink market, people seem quite content to stand very close and not wear masks, a recipe for disaster even with distancing within the grounds.


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