Are King’s College researchers uncomfortable with Scotland’s covid-19 success?

In marked contrast with Professor Sridhar helping to shape and to disseminate Scotland’s zero tolerance approach to the virus, Professor Bobby Duffy and PA Director, Kelly Beaver of King’s College London are conspicuously silent on the diverging strategies in the four parts of the ‘UK’ that for them is just England.

My attention was drawn to this in an email today:

Bill makes the points clearly and has promised to share any response with us.

When you see the latest data, you feel sure Prof Duffy must know of this:

3 thoughts on “Are King’s College researchers uncomfortable with Scotland’s covid-19 success?”

  1. There are some seriously dodgy scientists making it a lot easier for the public to deny science.

    Of which Devi Sridhar wrote

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  2. I also find it offensive to refer to Scotland as a region rather than a country – interchangeably with Scotland as a region. Conversely when it comes to England they refer only to the English regions rather than referring to England as a region ( in itself ) of the UK. A bad show and seems to be reinforcing Scotland as lesser and thus avoiding presenting the good news story – the Scottish Government has made a commendable fist of things. Steady, honest, straightforward- leading from the front- where all effective leaders place themselves..

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  3. Why do these scientists lie, if only by omission? Are they given instructions to not reveal the true facts and figures about England’s death toll from Covid19? If so, it would be incredibly sinister indeed. The people of England deserve to know what’s going on so they can make informed decisions about how to go about their daily lives while taking measures to reduce their chances of being infected.

    If the Kings college scientists did distinguish between the very different approaches and outcomes in the three devolved nations, it would of course expose the sheer incompetence, money spinning, selfish, devil may care approach by their English government. People might be a bit upset and angry if they really did know about the sheer lack of effective strategy to save lives by their own government.

    The people of the country of Scotland deserve to not be lied to by the media when they can see the contrasting evidence and facts for themselves, in the main. While broadcasting is a reserved power to the English (UK) government, Scotland remains hostage to Britnat propaganda aimed at undermining the (competent) approach and effective strategy taken by the Scottish government in dealing with such a serious and sudden crisis.

    When and if science is in any way government controlled, (ie the opposite to factual truthful science advisers) we are in very dangerous territory indeed.


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