Here’s the evidence that the New Southern General is ‘sick’:

Molly told BBC Reporting Scotland: “That building itself is sick.”

No one doubts the sincerity of Molly but we must doubt the validity of one person’s opinion in the judgement of the performance of a complex massive system. BBC Scotland, had they any journalistic principles, should share those doubts and refrain from this kind of trashy headlining.

Sadly, this is a preference, a sickness in Pacific Quay, to use single cases based on one person’s subjective experience and often the all-too-natural suspicions of parents that more might have been done to save their child.

Also, we do not hear of how this child’s story has reached Pacific Quay. Sometimes, it’s hidden but at other times we see the presence of opposition politicians and their clammy hands on the case.

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Sadly, there is more:

Apologies for this stream of trauma this morning in the Tusket.