In a typically jaundiced piece from the Herald’s Helen McArdle, with an appallingly dishonest headline, we read, but well down the page, that NHS GGC will increase the number of infection control staff across its hospitals from 43 to 46.

However in another Scottish MSM report, before a public inquiry, the Herald relies on ‘sources‘ to try to undermine the the health board.

Sourced no doubt by the RCN, the three additional staff replacing one infection control nurse are contemptuously associated with a risk of ‘lost skills and leadership’ because they will not be medics.

Professor Sridhar is not a medic yet seems to have been useful.

This is simple collusion between a protectionist, regardless of actual benefit for the public, trade union and a unionist ‘newspaper’ to malign NHS GGC once more and by proxy, the Scottish Government.

The Herald report is, of course, full of tales of unsubstantiated infections, with no evidence from actual inspection reports of any control issues, to argue against the replacement of one nurse by three trained infection control staff.